Carrie Fisher ‘Irreplaceable’ In ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’, Says Mark Hamill

The Star Wars fandom has been shocked by the news that Carrie Fisher’s iconic role as General Leia Organa might be played by another legendary actress, Meryl Streep, in Star Wars: Episode 9. As the final installment in the sequel trilogy is said to be about the Rebel Alliance’s greatest leader, it is now a big question what would happen to her story. So, in an interview to promote Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s home video release, Mark Hamill talked about the possibility of recasting the late actress’ character.

The 66-year-old actor best known for his role as Luke Skywalker first cleared he has no idea what is the specific plan for Carrie Fisher’s character in Star Wars: Episode 9. It has been known that in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford’s character as Han Solo became more prominent. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, on the other hand, his role as a Jedi Master was the film’s main focus.

So, in Star Wars: Episode 9, it is expected that the film would be more about General Leia Organa. This is especially true considering things for her and her son, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), are not yet clear. Will things be better for them or will it be worse? Will he also kill his mother just like what he did with his father? There are a lot of questions fans are looking for answers in the sequel trilogy’s final entry.

With that, for Mark Hamill, it might be impossible to let someone take Carrie Fisher’s role in Star Wars: Episode 9, even though it could be Meryl Streep. “I think it would be tough recasting, only because she’s so indelibly linked with that character,” the voice actor told Collider.

“But she’s irreplaceable, as far as I’m concerned.”

Lucasfilm already refused the use of CGI to bring the late actress back to life. To recall, this was the method the film company did to recreate a younger Princess Leia in Rogue One.

“So, gee, that’s gotta be a really… not an insurmountable problem,” Mark Hamill teased. However, The Black Pearl‘s co-writer revealed that Star Wars: Episode 9‘s script was already developed in a way that when Carrie Fisher’s untimely death happened in December 2016, “they had to go back to square one.”

According to Movie Web, there are swirling rumors Carrie Fisher still had some scenes left to film. These sequences were said to be a major part of the movie as it involved her role as General Leia Organa and her son, Kylo Ren. Allegedly, the two were about to have a big confrontation, although this was never confirmed.

Star Wars: Episode 9 will hit theaters on December 20, 2019.

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