As Kate Gosselin Returns To Television, Jon Gosselin Talks About Why They Got Divorced

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Never let it be said that Jon Gosselin can ever let the past go. As Kate Gosselin enjoys a wave of success with the announcement of her new show about her dating life — called, hilariously, Kate Plus Date — her ex-husband, Jon, has taken to the blogosphere to talk about their long-dead relationship.

According to In Touch Weekly, the infamous ex-husband of Kate Gosselin disputes the original “party line” about why Jon and Kate are no more.

At the time that they divorced, Kate claimed that Jon “became a different person” after they gained success and fame with the show. He went through a mid-life crisis of sorts, buying motorcycles and Ed Hardy clothes and staying out late to party with his newfound “friends.”

There were even accusations of Jon’s infidelity.

This all coincides with Jon’s subsequent career move as a DJ once he left the hit TLC show that made the Gosselins a household name.

But Jon maintains that he was faithful to his wife throughout their marriage, and he disputed the claims that he went through a “mid-life crisis” when the Gosselin family became famous.

“The biggest misconception is the reason for the divorce is that I cheated on my wife, but I didn’t. I always felt like I did Kate’s task list. ‘Here’s the Post-it note. This is what you have to do. This is how you’re a good husband.’ We knew we were going to get divorced, and then the network tried to keep us together for the benefit of the show, so I quit.”

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But it seems Jon didn’t just quit his marriage to Kate Gosselin when he walked out of the house, either. According to CafeMom, he also quit being a dad to his eight children, as well.

The estrangement from his children is no secret, as even his children have been vocal about their estrangement from their father, with Mady calling her father “toxic” and claiming that she has no time for a relationship with him.

In fact, of all of Jon’s children, only Hannah spent his most recent birthday with him.

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It seems, however, that Kate Gosselin isn’t bothered at all by her ex-husband’s shenanigans and his insistence on trying to be in the spotlight long after his time in the spotlight is over.