Katy Perry Fawning Over Male Contestants Rubs Folks Wrong Way: Producers Contemplate Canceling ‘American Idol’

Robb CohenAP Images

Katy Perry received a $25 million paycheck as part of an expensive reboot of American Idol with the hopes of resurrecting the show’s glory days of yesteryear. Things may not be working out the way the show’s producers had planned if the ratings are any indication. The singer not only came with baggage in tow, but Perry’s actions while on the show have caused a negative backlash.

According to Fox News, Katy is using the revamped American Idol as her “personal playground.” They also suggest that Perry’s “flirtatious” behavior doesn’t coincide with the “family-friendly image” the Disney-owned network prides itself on.

Perry’s fawning over some of the male contestants has gone too far in a few cases, suggests recent reports. One such incident was the kiss she planted on an unsuspecting male contestant’s lips. That contestant became upset with this advance made by Katie. He later told the New York Times that he was saving his first kiss for someone special, and apparently that someone special wasn’t meant to be Perry.

Fox News points to Perry fawning over a few of the male contestants on the show, even in front of their “significant others.” Sunday night’s show opened with Perry having contestant Cade Foehner in her scopes, and she put on quite the scene. She even pretended to faint over the guy.

At one point, Lionel Richie stepped in to hold her back from the contestant.

Yahoo Entertainment reported, “Perry was acting like a crazed rock groupie as she tossed off her sequined cape and practically bum-rushed the stage.”

Several media sites commented on Perry’s antics on Sunday night’s show, with the Washington Post noting that the scene felt “out of place in the #MeToo era.”

Before she even started to flirt on the show, Katy came to American Idol with some negative baggage. She was in the headlines battling nuns in court over a convent, which Katy was purchasing to make it into a luxury estate.

Fox News also cites the headlines concerning Perry that dropped some jaws. This occurred when one nun collapsed and died after “begging” in court, “Katy Perry, please stop.” The news outlet also explained how a second nun, 80, says “the contretemps with Perry has left her broke.”

Katy’s flirting has been a topic of concern for American Idol fans during the last several weeks. Twitter is full of comments asking her to stop and conveying how her flirting is making folks uncomfortable. Some examples of those tweets are seen below.

Radar Online recently reported that American Idol might be canceled after this season, as the producers are contemplating making this season its last. According to Fox News, this is “partially because Katy Perry has turned off viewers.” The report indicates ABC is considering canceling the show after the elaborate tune-up it was given in hopes it would draw in an audience. Instead, the people at ABC are seeing the ratings plummet.