Sarah Jessica Parker Worried About ‘Divorce’ Cancellation Amid ‘Sex & The City’ Feud, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker appears to be in big trouble as a new report suggests that her HBO series, Divorce, is facing possible cancellation after it didn’t rake in the numbers they were expecting in the wake of her feud with Sex and the City co-star Kim Cattrall.

According to Radar Online, Parker’s “make-or-break” comeback may be headed for cancellation as rumors emerged that HBO is ditching Divorce after just two seasons.

Speaking to the outlet, an insider revealed that the show isn’t performing as well as SJP and her crew were hoping for, something that may cause HBO to walk out on it.

“The show just hasn’t been the massive hit SJP and her team was going for, and it seems like everybody is ready to walk away,” the source said.

Moreover, the informant revealed that the problem may not be the show itself but the numerous “strictures” the 53-year-old actress put on the crew. Reportedly, this includes a condition stating that Divorce“films everything within an hour of her New York home.”

She would “happily work 18-hour days,” according to the insider, but the other conditions may actually cause her show’s downfall.

On the other hand, the insider revealed that the entertainment company is gunning for a remake or some sort for Sex and the City and would happily drop Divorce for Parker to have time for it.

“HBO would drop Divorce in a heartbeat if there was some way to revive SATC instead, but with all the drama surrounding it, she could end up without either project.”

That is, of course, if SJP and her co-star, Kim Cattrall, were willing to work with each other once again.

Based on a previous report from the Inquisitr, the Sex and the City feud was sparked by how SJP treated Kim during the six years they co-starred on the show.

Over a month ago, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker got into a virtual catfight after the former called out the latter’s hypocrisy and fake “love and support” for her via an Instagram post.

At the time, Sarah Jessica expressed her sympathy to Kim after she announced the death of her beloved brother, Chris Cattrall.

Headlines about the Sex and the City feud went on for weeks, with some revealing that the reason why Kim reacted that way was due to the Mean Girls treatment she got from SJP for six years, something that the Divorce actress denied repeatedly.

Now, it looks like Sarah Jessica Parker is about to reap what she sowed as the source revealed that their fight added stress to Divorce.

“It’s been a tough time, and feud with Kim Cattrall is only adding to the stress,” the insider added.

Still, this information remains as a rumor until official word comes out, so it is best to take it in with a grain of salt.