‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Unfazed – Vows To Get Liam, Wyatt & Katie Prepare For Bill’s Wrath

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for April 10-13 show that as Bill recovers, people around him are getting anxious and being forced to stay on their toes. They know that since the publishing bigwig is now out of the hospital, it will not be long before his devilish schemes will start to work again if something is not going the way he wants them.

Steffy And Hope Face Off

The Bold and the Beautiful revealed that Steffy and Hope had a spat after the former saw the latter in Liam’s hotel room. Soap She Knows noted that right there, Steffy realized that rather than helping her reconcile with her husband Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Annika Noelle) will only get in the way.

The two women engaged in a heated confrontation, with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) using her baby as a reason why Hope should leave Liam alone. Visibly irritated with her reasoning, Hope retorted that she must not use her baby again to get her husband back, then Steffy accuses her of brainwashing Liam so he would stay by her side.

Finally, Hope reckoned that Steffy will end up with Bill anyway and eventually, she and Liam can continue with their love story in The Bold and the Beautiful.

In any case, Steffy will never forgive Hope for pretending that she will do anything to help her get back together with her husband. It became clearer that Hope wants Liam to herself so the concern she showed Steffy at first was all a lie.

Bill’s Shocking Proposal To Liam

Bill is willing to let Liam go free since he confessed that he was the shooter. However, it appears that the older Spencer has something up his sleeve, and he will use this confession to get Steffy back in his life.

In a shocking twist, Bill went to talk to his son and dropped an unbelievable proposal, according to Soap Hub. Bill told Liam that he will let him get away with his crime but there is a condition – he must give Steffy up so he can pursue her.

Bill told Liam that his marriage to Steffy was already over even before that fateful night so he can give her up now. To further convince his son, Bill went on to say that Hope is back in town and this means he now has his second chance to be in the arms of his true love.

Liam’s response will be revealed in the upcoming B&B episodes.

Katie And Wyatt Ready For Bill’s Rage

Elsewhere, Katie (Heather Tom) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) are facing difficulties since they announced their plans of getting married. Many opposed and one of them is Bill.

The couple knows that Bill will do anything to make sure that their marriage is not going to happen so they are preparing for the worst. Katie and Wyatt are also aware that Bill will never leave them alone until the moment they go their separate ways. Thus, they do not have a choice but to be prepared for anything.

Moreover, the Spencer CEO already threatened to get full custody of Will if Katie will continue her romantic relationship with her former stepson. One of the worst things is for his ex-wife and son to be together, so Bill will not stop, and it is likely that Wyatt and Katie will face more hardships in the coming days.

Now, with all the things that she could lose including her son Will, Katie mulls if she is doing the right thing. Is her love for Wyatt enough to let go of everything? Katie is definitely in a serious dilemma, and it will be interesting to watch what her decision will be.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.