‘General Hospital’ Star Billy Miller Does Generous Deed, Gets Slammed On Twitter

Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco have caught a lot of backlash in 2018. While social media can be a good thing, it can also bring out the worst in people. Miller has made it clear he chooses to avoid social media altogether. He has appeared in photos with Monaco on her Instagram and Twitter, but having his own is out of the question.

Rumors of a romance between Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco have circulated for months, but they maintain they are only friends. On Twitter, a fan asked for new photos of the General Hospital star by tweeting his friend. He responded with a challenge to his fans. The tweet said that if they could get at least 500 retweets or likes, Miller would donate 20 cents per interaction to Prevent Child Abuse America and provide fans with a photo. This took off, and Kelly Monaco responded with a pledge to match what was raised. Also, Miller did provide the new photo for his fans.

Of course, this caused a bit of backlash on Twitter for Billy Miller. Critics were complaining he was using his fans to support his charitable side, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Followers of Miller and Kelly Monaco know the two are very charitable. In fact, they held an event in February and all of the proceeds were donated to a charity. Both also preach kindness on social media and have spoken out against bullying.

A lot of the hostility stems from Billy Miller coming into the role of Jason Morgan on General Hospital. As people were getting used to him with Kelly Monaco, news of Steve Burton’s return broke. There is a fan base war on social media, and the actors often get dragged into it. Neither Miller nor Monaco wants to be a part of the arguing and have released statements about respecting all of the General Hospital actors. They remain active on the show and work to better the lives of others through charity. Monaco is less active on social media but still posts from time to time. Miller will not be joining the ranks of social media, especially now with all of the criticism.

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