Kate Gosselin To Star On New Dating Show About Her Love Life

Chris PizzelloAP Images

Kate Gosselin is set to return to reality TV in a different kind of way. The mother of eight has reportedly landed a brand new series titled Kate Plus Date, where she will document the journey of her love life as she tries to find the one.

According to an April 9 report by People Magazine, Kate Gosselin hasn’t had much luck in the dating pool since her divorce from Jon Gosselin. Mostly, the reality TV mom has been busy raising her eight children, Maddy, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, Colin, Aaden, and Leah. While she’s been on a few dates, the single mom is ready to really buckle down and find a new man.

The report reveals that Kate Gosselin’s new show, Kate Plus Date, will follow the single mother as she meets potential love matches and goes on dates with them all on camera. It’s been nearly eight years since Kate’s divorce from Jon Gosselin, and Kate reportedly thinks that dating on camera is a lot less scary than the online dating world.

Gosselin confirms that she’ll feel more “safe” due to the fact that the camera crew will be with her every step of the way. In addition, the men which she goes out on the dates with will have been “vetted by a matchmaker.”

Kate Gosselin admits that she is “nervous” and “excited” about “forcing” herself to do the new dating series, but that she thinks it’s best for her to begin living her own life as her two oldest daughters, Maddy and Cara, prepare to head to college next fall. The Kate Plus 8 star reveals that as her children get older, they’re expressing concern about their mother being alone. “It became apparent: they want someone for me. They want me to have somebody in my life,” she says.

Kate Gosselin reveals that she is looking for a man with a “set career” and “who is confident.” She wants a “grown up” that has a life of their own, and “knows who they are.” She also says that if he travels for work that would be “great” as she’s used to being on her own and being “self-sufficient.” Kate also admits that she wants someone that “won’t suffocate” her.

Kate Gosselin can be seen on Kate Plus Date this fall on TLC.