‘Counting On’ Fans Truly Want To Know Why Anna Duggar Won’t Just Leave Josh Duggar

Three years ago, the world learned that 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar molested five underage girls – four of whom were his sisters – when he was a teenager and used the website Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife. And, even though the family’s media empire remains mostly intact, fans have not gotten over the major scandal, and the Duggar’s know it. The family has basically exiled him for his crimes, but his wife Anna continues to remain by his side, and fans want to know why.

The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that despite the revelations that her husband used the internet to find mistresses and sexually violated some of his sisters, Anna is still very much with the father of her five children, and even posted a tribute to him on Instagram for his 30th birthday.

“Happy Birthday Josh! I’m so thankful for the 30 years of life God has given you – I love you!” Anna wrote for a birthday photo caption.

But, fans did not receive the message well and were quick to tell her that she should have left Josh a long time ago. One user called him a “pervert,” while another wrote that Josh is a “sick son of a b****,” and told Anna to take her kids and run.

To make things worse, a source close to the family recently revealed that Anna seems miserable and Josh doesn’t seem like someone who would be much fun to be married to.

The insider says that Josh had a well-known history of “pervy” behavior long before the scandal broke, and he stares at every girl he meets like she is an object.

The source added the most of the Duggar boys are very respectful to women, but Josh has never been, and when he was younger, his parents reprimanded him often for his wandering eye.

TLC and the Duggar family have mostly kept Josh out of the spotlight since the 2015 scandal. The network canceled 19 Kids & Counting before launching the spin-off Counting On for the married Duggar children.

But Josh and Anna are nowhere to be found on the family’s reality show, and the Duggars rarely feature him on any of their social media.

The former Washington lobbyist did go to a faith-based rehab for a while, but eventually returned to Arkansas with his wife, and she eventually got pregnant and gave birth to baby number five.

After a two-year absence from social media, Anna Duggar is back on Instagram sharing updates about her life and kids, but as long as she mentions anything about her husband, she will continue to receive backlash from fans, because there is no indication that they will forget about Josh Duggar’s wrongdoings anytime soon.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this summer.

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