Real Reason Why Brock Lesnar Defeated Roman Reigns At ‘WrestleMania 34,’ According To ‘BetweenTheSheets’

For almost an entire year, it’s been rumored that Roman Reigns would beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 to win the WWE Universal Championship. In a shocking turn of events, The Beast retained the title after hitting Reigns with a sixth F-5 and left him in a pool of his own blood. With the WWE Universe still reeling from last night’s show, a lot of people want to know if Brock walking out of New Orleans with the Universal Title was always the plan, or if WWE officials had a big change of heart in the weeks leading up to the show.

According to a report from Between The Sheets via CageSideSeats, Brock Lesnar is expected to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Bobby Lashley at WWE Summerslam. We’re still in the dark about Brock’s contract status with the company, but it’s being reported by RingSideNews and other sites that he’s still signed with both WWE and UFC and it’s possible Lesnar has worked something out with the company.

Dana White has confirmed that Lesnar still has fights left on his UFC deal, so he would just need to get into the USADA pool again to fight in The Octagon. The expectation was that Brock Lesnar’s WWE deal was set to expire immediately after WrestleMania, but his contract may be running through ‘Summerslam.’ WWE officials could have worked out a deal with UFC for Lesnar to work with both companies for most the year.

‘Until further notice, Brock Lesnar’s WWE status is a mystery.’

A few months ago, it was reported that Bobby Lashley’s second debut on WWE television was being held off until he could return in a strong position. is claiming that Lashley is in New Orleans and it’s plausible for him to be featured on Monday Night Raw tonight. Even if WWE officials are not planning a feud between Lashley and Lesnar, there is clearly a plan since Brock went over Reigns at WrestleMania.

Before the shocking ending, the crowd in attendance wasn’t too happy with the overall performance put on by Brock and Roman. “This is awful” and “boring” chants were both heard during the match. That might be because the “smarter” crowd assumed Reigns would overcome The Beast in the end, but WWE officials had a different plan to leave the WWE Universe guessing for at least another 24 hours. Now, the fans need to tune into Raw tonight to see what’s next for Roman, Bobby Lashley, and especially Brock Lesnar.

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