Duggar Parenting Methods Called To Question Again With Jill Dillard’s Instagram Pic

The Duggars are in the line of fire again after Jill Dillard’s recent Instagram post, with critics questioning the family’s parenting methods.

Jill shared a picture of herself and son Samuel Scott Dillard nestled in her arms while wrapped in what appears to be a blanket. Some of the former Counting On personality’s followers inferred Samuel was swaddled in the blanket as he was being “blanket trained.”

Asking Jill if she was swaddling her child, one follower went on to criticize blanket training, which the Duggars allegedly practice, while implying Samuel was too old for it. Critics also attempted to recall images of a crying Israel wrapped in a blanket from two years ago.

“They were also raised to start hitting your baby at 6 months if they go off the blanket they actually say spanking or throwing something at them! Throw something at your 6 month of baby and they also raise their children to be respectful by beating them.”

Duggar’s parenting methods have been called into question in many instances in the past. The reality television stars have been accused of following methods prescribed by the controversial couple, Michael and Debi Pearl, in their book To Train Up a Child, which reportedly describes blanket training.


Blanket training is often explained as a technique to train children to understand self-control. With reinforcement, either positive or negative, children are required to spend time on a mat, starting with minutes that could run longer as the child grows. In the Duggars case, their critics believe the family uses blanket training to discipline children exhibiting unacceptable behavior.

However, Jill Duggar’s supporters called out critics of the recent Instagram picture. Many said the picture looks harmless as it only shows a baby comfortably nestled in his mother’s arm, while asleep. They also shared their own experiences, narrating how their babies prefer being wrapped and cuddled to fall asleep.

“That’s not punishment. Some babies like being wrapped up.”

Jill Dillard has also been criticized in the recent past for making her children walk, supposedly for too long, and more recently, for placing her three-year-old son Israel on a high-chair. Israel Dillard sitting on a high-chair on his birthday was deemed inappropriate by critics, who opined he should be seated on a chair at the table.

Then again, most Duggar fans think criticism directed at the family is often misplaced as it is based on assumption, when the Duggars (or Dillards) have not said they practice corporal punishment or other abusive methods of child disciplining.