Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Haven’t Communicated For A While & It Drives Him Crazy, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back in each other’s arms a few months ago after she broke up with The Weeknd in October 2017. However, the on-again-off-again couple is taking a break away from each other, something that the “Baby” singer understands. Their parents, especially her mom Mandy, has been vocal about her daughter’s reunion with the Canadian singer, but she made it clear that Selena is old enough to decide on her own. Now that they are taking a break, it seems that the Biebs is going crazy that his girlfriend has not been talking to him.

An unknown source recently spoke with Hollywood Life and said that since the couple took a break, they have not been texting or talking to each other. According to the insider, it’s driving Justin Bieber crazy “having zero communication.” It is alleged that it’s not that the “Never Say Never” singer doesn’t want to communicate with Selena Gomez, but he is just giving her some time alone.

The unidentified insider went on to claim that Justin Bieber has been trying to distract himself doing other things while Selena Gomez is taking some time away from him. He’s just waiting for her to come back to him.

“Justin hasn’t texted or spoken to Selena since they went their separate ways, but not because he doesn’t want to—the exact opposite in fact—he’s just respecting her wishes and giving her some time.”

The unknown insider also added that Justin Bieber can’t wait to share the things that he’d been seeing that he knows Selena Gomez likes, but he keeps it low for now in an attempt to give her more time. The source said that the Biebs has been keeping himself occupied while he is away from her because when he’s alone, he realizes “how much he misses her.”

Since the couple’s break, Justin Bieber has been spotted hanging out with model Baskin Champion, something that many fans wonder whether or not he and Selena Gomez have had a chance to patch things up. However, it looks like he is only trying to flirt with Baskin in an attempt to make his girlfriend jealous, according to an unnamed source who talked to Entertainment Tonight.

Justin Bieber was spotted dancing with Baskin Champion on April 3 during Craig David’s concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California.

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