WWE News: The Undertaker Returns At ‘WrestleMania 34’ And Faces John Cena

For the last couple of months, John Cena has been waiting for an answer from The Undertaker on whether the legend would accept his challenge, but he’s been left in silence. After the iconic former WWE Champion didn’t respond last week on Monday Night Raw, everyone thought the match wasn’t going to happen. On Sunday night at WrestleMania 34, Cena finally received a response from The Undertaker, and it wasn’t what he was expecting.

Cena didn’t get an answer last week, but he said he would still attend the big event in New Orleans and that is what he did. Seated among the fans at ringside, Cena watched the first two matches of the night before something very strange happened.

After Charlotte Flair successfully defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship and broke Asuka’s undefeated streak, a referee was seen sprinting to ringside. He hopped over the barricade and walked straight up to Cena where the camera picked up the ref saying, “Taker’s here.”

John Cena’s face lit up, he hopped over the barricade, and he made a bee-line for the backstage area as quickly as he possibly could. It was a rather strange moment, but fans knew that something was up with Cena and that The Undertaker was in the building.

After the SmackDown Tag Team Title Match, John Cena headed out to the ring. At the top of the ramp, the camera closed in on Cena, and he simply said, “He…is here.” Fans chanted and sang and waited very impatiently for the possible return of The Undertaker, and then it happened.

An official ran down to the ring, whispered something to Cena, and it angered the former champion. The fans began chanting for The Undertaker, but Cena exited the ring and started heading back up the ramp as the lights went out.

The fans started to cheer, and a few guitar notes were heard echoing throughout the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It wasn’t The Undertaker, but it was Elias who headed down to the ring and told the fans they might have been expecting someone else, but he wasn’t there.

John Cena exited the ring, took his seat in the crowd again, and Elias began to sing his gon. After a few verses, Cena hit the ring and demolished Elias for a couple of minutes before Cena started leaving to his music, but then, the lights went out again.

Smoke surrounded Cena on the ramp and a spotlight illuminated the hat and coat of The Undertaker before lightning struck and made it disappear. The familiar gong rang out, and the crowd went nuts as flames lit up the stage and the music hit for the return of The Undertaker to WWE.

The Undertaker rose up from under the stage and stared down John Cena before walking toward the ring.

The Undertaker entered the ring at WrestleMania 34, and the match was on against John Cena. John Cena only got a couple of moments of offense in before The Undertaker hit Old-School, a chokeslam, and finished things off in quick fashion with The Tombstone. It was a very short match, but The Undertaker returned in New Orleans. But does that mean he back in WWE for good?

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