WWE News: NXT Women’s Superstars Appear In ‘WrestleMania 34’ Battle Royal

Ahead of WWE’s WrestleMania 34 event was the Kickoff Show featuring both the men’s and women’s battle royal matches. While the men’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal featured only main roster superstars, the women’s match had more than that. A good-sized group of NXT women’s superstars was also involved in the match which may be leading to some main roster call-ups in the future. Here’s the latest on who was a participant in the match, as well as who won the first-ever women’s battle royal match.

In a report from Wrestlezone, it was noted that a total of 19 women’s superstars participated in this historic battle royal. Among them were main roster stars such as Carmella, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Sasha Banks, Ruby Riott, Lana, Mickie James, Mandy Rose, Liv Morgan, and Sonya Deville. However, there were also six competitors who came from the NXT roster. They included Kavita Davi, Taynara Conti, Bianca Blair, and Dakota Kai, as well as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce of “The Iconic Duo.”

Of those competitors, Davi was the first to go for the NXT stars, but the longest-remaining superstar was Peyton Royce. Her elimination came as Sarah Logan picked her up and tried to powerbomb her over the top rope. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott gave an assistance with a double kick to Peyton’s head for the elimination.

As a lot of fans had been predicting for this match, the finish involved Bayley and Sasha Banks who were among the final remaining superstars in the match. When it appeared it was down to just the two of them in the ring, they met in the middle and Sasha extended a hand for a peace offering and a hug. Bayley looked like she was going to oblige as she slapped hands, but then quickly grabbed “The Boss” and ran her over to the ropes to toss her out.

Bayley celebrated what she thought was the big win but soon realized another competitor was still left. Naomi had never officially been eliminated and was back in the ring. Bayley tried to go after her but ended up being hit by the Rearview finisher. Moments later, Naomi was able to toss Bayley out for the victory, earning the women’s battle royal trophy.

The finish involving Bayley and Sasha seems like it will only continue to boost their ongoing feud. However, Naomi has good reason to celebrate with this big WrestleMania 34 moment as she made history, albeit on the pre-show.