Blog 'Keeping Up With Fundies' Thinks Anna Duggar Could Be Pregnant With Baby Number Six, But Hope She Isn't

Fiona Miller

Anna Duggar has joined her in-laws on a trip through Texas, and was spotted with what some think might be a baby bump. Fans can view the photo of Jana Duggar, Anna Duggar, Jessa Duggar Seewald, and their friend and tutor/nanny, Laura DeMaisie, making a stop in Texas here.

Although no one is sure where the family is headed altogether, they did notice that Anna's T-shirt was sticking out a bit and that could mean she and husband, Josh Duggar, are gearing up for their sixth child. Many fans of the show disapprove of Josh since he was hit with two scandals in 2015. In the first scandal, it was exposed that Josh molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager, two of whom spoke out on national television about the incident. Later in the year, it was discovered that he had several affairs behind his Anna's back, and had used the cheating website Ashley Madison to facilitate them.

Many Duggar fans urged Anna to leave her husband after this string of scandals were exposed, but she decided to stay with him through their issues. The pair had a fifth child after Josh returned from his "rehab" facility, which he attended for sex addiction.

The Duggar family subscribes to the Quiverfull belief, in which families eschew birth control and have as many children as possible. It is unclear which adult Duggar children also follow this belief, but Anna and Josh Duggar have given birth to five children in nine years of marriage.