‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Gagged Over This Season 3 Scene, Reveals Author Diana Gabaldon

We’re officially in the middle of “droughtlander,” but fans got a short respite this week in the form an in-depth interview with author Diana Gabaldon and executive producer Toni Graphia. With Season 4 of Outlander currently in production, Gabaldon offered a glimpse at what’s ahead and talked about a few hilarious scenes from Season 3.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gabaldon revealed that Outlander star Sam Heughan gagged during Jamie’s seasickness scene last season. The author was visiting the set on the day they shot the scene and found Heughan sitting in a room all by himself. The actor looked ill and Gabaldon asked him what was wrong.

“He said, ‘I’ve been throwing up in a bucket all morning and now I think I’m really going to be sick,” Gabaldon shared, adding that Jamie’s vomit was actually egg whites. “They flavored it, they put green dye in it, and it was terrible.’ He said it made him gag.”

Gabaldon’s interview is a part of the DVD release of Outlander’s third season. In addition to Heughan’s gag scene, Gabaldon talked about her level of involvement on the show. Gabaldon is officially a consultant for Outlander, though she pretty much collaborates on all of the steps in the production process.

Gabaldon gives her input during the script writing phase and gets to see the main cuts before the final version is released. If she sees anything out of place or something that has a major impact further in the series, she sends the producers a note and changes are made.

Gabaldon also talked about filming the ship scenes in Season 3, which were some of the most difficult sets to film so far. The author explained how the scenes were challenging for everyone involved, and accidents were fairly common.

For example, Gabaldon revealed that Caitriona Balfe accidentally hit her face on a floating piece of wood at one point. But one of the hardest things to get over was Heughan’s refusal to say a line during the shipwreck scene.

While saving Claire from drowning, Heughan was supposed to say, “Sassenach, if you die on me now, I’ll kill you.” Heughan, however, didn’t like the line and only said it after executive producer Matthew Roberts forced it out of him.

The cast and crew of Outlander are currently filming Season 4 in Scotland. Producers have kept a tight lid on spoilers this year, but they have released a few tidbits here and there.

In the latest offering, executive producer Maril Davis shared a photo from the set showing how the crew is currently battling some frigid weather. Despite the cold, the cast and crew are forced to work because they have a tight schedule to keep, especially if they want to release the new season by this fall.

Fans can watch the complete interview when Season 3 of Outlander comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray on April 10.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe return as Jamie and Claire Fraser this fall in Season 4 of Outlander.

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