‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Speaks Out And Reveals ‘Little Piece’ Of His Mom He Brought With Him Gold Mining

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In the past few weeks, Gold Rush fan favorite and new mine boss Rick Ness has had a rollercoaster ride. He lost his beloved mom to brain cancer and on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, he announced to a dumbfounded Parker Schnabel that he is moving on from his crew and heading up his own operation for Gold Rush Season 9.

How is Rick doing now? Gold Rush News has caught up with Ness, as he talks for the first time about his heartbreak, and how he is going to move forward without the support of his mom. In this solo interview, he has also hinted where he is located, which could help Gold Rush fans determine where he is going to be the new mine boss.

Rick started out by stating that “I’m going out on my own this year. I got my own crew, my own ground.” Yet, Rick did not elaborate on who is on his crew, or where he was mining.

He went on to express his inner turmoil. First, he was happy he got what he “wanted,” yet, he explained, “with the passing of my mom at such an exciting time, I don’t really know how to process it.”

He went on to use the metaphor of life as a “rollercoaster.” He explained that “what I’m doing right now makes it a time where I’m at the bottom.”

But in the usual Rick Ness style of looking at things in a positive light, he went on to say that “where I’m at the bottom right now, but with this season, and what I’ve got planned, this is going to be the climbing back to the top.” He expressed his appreciation for the support of his family and his friends.

Ness, who turned 37 on March 5, shared that he has a “really good crew put together.” He then picked up an adorable small dog and introduced Ruby, his mom’s dog.

Rick stated that she was coming up with him, and then went on to explain how Ruby was his reminder of what he wanted to accomplish this season. Ruby was the reminder of his mom.

“I can have a little piece of my mom with me and you know, remind me of what it is I’m here for and what I’m here to do.”

Rick's hitting paydirt tonight on #GoldRush!

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After giving Ruby a kiss, and putting her back down on the ground, he then confessed he was “down, but not out,” and that he wasn’t exactly sure how he was “gonna win,” but just know that he was “getting after it.”

Then, Parker’s former foreman ended with “Thanks everybody.”

The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for the affable Ness. A few weeks back, the Inquisitr reported that on March 19, Rick Ness tweeted that his beloved mom lost her battle with cancer.

Then a few days later, on the Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail preview, Rick told a visibly surprised Parker Schanbel that he was leaving, and setting up his own operation. This is what Ness has been working so hard to achieve.

The gold mining season and filming is just beginning. Right now, there are no details about Rick’s new operation. Rick has revealed one thing–and that he is moving on from a very difficult time, and he appears determined to succeed.