Meghan Markle Is Loving And Warm But Ruthless, Knows What She Wants, Reveals Former Friend In Tell-All

"Do you know what you're getting into?" asked Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne when Meghan Markle told her friend and agent about her first date with Prince Harry. At the time, Gina was Markle's agent and close friend. She didn't expect that to change, and according to the Daily Mail, the long-time owner of Kruger-Cowne agency had big plans for Meghan Markle.

When the Suits star lowered her voice to a whisper to share the exciting news of her date with a royal, Gina was thrilled with the news. Markle's agent was already certain that there was " no way" Prince Harry would resist falling for the stunning Meghan Markle. She also knew that Meghan wouldn't be able to carry on with her corporate work if she and Harry kept dating.

That was back in 2016, and, like a good friend, Nelthorpe-Cowne guarded the secret of the royal romance for months. She didn't even tell her husband of 30 years and partner in the 20-year agency business that Meghan and Harry were together.

Her friendship with Markle changed very quickly once Meghan and Prince Harry's relationship turned serious. When the news finally broke and Harry publicly confirmed his romance with Meghan Markle, Gina had to come to terms with what she saw as Markle's ability to be "ruthless with her time, her attention and her priorities."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to be totally in love as they get ready for their wedding day.
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Meghan Markle's former agent said she was 'shocked' at the way Meghan changed once she and Prince Harry were serious.

Not everyone agrees that Meghan Markle is that kind of person. Twitter user Georgie Darling tweeted some angry words aimed at Andrew Morton and his new biography of the princess-in-waiting, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. The celeb biographer described Prince Harry's bride-to-be as both ruthless and calculating, but the tweeter wrote that the book is bonfire material.

However, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne insists that, although she is still very fond of Meghan, her former client and friend is definitely "picky" about the people she chooses to work with. It's not just her outfits that get dumped if they aren't up to standard.
"Meghan likes to move on."
By the time Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, she was no longer in touch personally with the woman she'd worked and traveled with for two momentous years of her life. According to Gina, their last correspondence was through Meghan's lawyers.

As to that first question Gina asked Meghan, wondering if she'd thought it through and knew what she was getting into, the world is convinced that Markle is a perfect fit for her role as a modern princess.

CBC's The Passionate Eye shared constitutional historian David Starkey's take on the royal romance. He said that the actress and humanitarian's independent fame as someone who has successfully built her own public career and image makes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "an evidently good match."