Donald Trump Jr. 'Bragging He Has A Bigger Package Than His Father' In 'Creepy' Archived Interview

Donald Trump Jr. had some less-than-stellar things to say in an interview at the Playboy Mansion that recently emerged from the archives. "The apple didn't fall far from the tree at all," claimed In Touch Weekly after hearing the talking points of this interview.

Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed during the time his wife was pregnant with their third child back in 2007. In Touch suggested his "creepy remarks" during this interview, "make Vanessa Trump's reasons for ditching him abundantly clear."

This interview was broadcast on the Adam Carolla Show straight from the Playboy Mansion at the time. Trump Jr. told Carolla, "Can you believe the hell I'm going through? I'm at the Playboy mansion with a pregnant wife!"

If it's unclear which direction he was intending on going with this when he first made that statement, what he said next might clear things up. He tells the radio host, "It doesn't get worse than that, does it? Now, I love my wife, but that is rough. And I'm going to pay for these statements later on tonight. I'm gonna pay."

What at first sounded as if he had a bit of guilt feeling going on for being at the Playboy Mansion ended up sounding more like he was feeling constrained by his life's situation when he was through sharing his thoughts. At that time, which was back in 2007, his life consisted of a pregnant wife with baby No. 3 on the way. Don Jr. was considered a family man.

One of the conversations to come up during this interview was even "creepier," suggested In Touch. That is when Carolla asked, "I got one question, Donald Jr.: When you and your pops are in the shower, who's got the bigger package? You know what I'm saying."

Trump's namesake said that he may get fired for saying this "but I'm never going to say that I don't." He then compared his father's package to his own by saying, "they're both pretty substantial I think." When asked if he ever slept with Miss USA, Jr. piped up "which one," although he did say right after that he was only joking. Carolla even asked Trump Jr. if he ever thought about killing his father for his money and he said, "Well, you know..."

The Huffington Post reported how this interview had apparently been taken offline but it was "preserved by the Internet Archive." The interview lasts a bit over 13 minutes and it is described as "creepy," "humiliating," and totally "inappropriate" for a man who was about to become a father of three.

According to the Daily Mail, Donald Trump's namesake even joked about his wife being older than Melania. They also suggested that Trump Jr. was "bragging that he has a bigger package than his father" in this interview.