Wendy Williams Suggests Carrie Underwood Fans Might 'Turn On' Her After Seeing Recent Photo Of Her Face

Carrie Underwood recently shared a new photo of her face after suffering a gruesome facial injury that required over 40 stitches. However, talk show host Wendy Williams believes that not all of the country star's fans will be relieved that the singer is getting more comfortable with sharing snapshots of her face. On her show, Williams suggested that some of Underwood's fans may find it disappointing and upsetting that they're not seeing a massive scar on her face.

As reported by Wonderwall, Wendy Williams brought up the topic of Carrie Underwood's face on the April 5 episode of her talk show. After seeing the black-and-white profile shot that Underwood shared on her Instagram page, Williams walked back her previous "tongue in cheek" suggestion that Underwood faked a serious injury back in November so that she could recover from a secret face lift.

"Apparently it's not a face lift because this side of her face looks like her face," Williams said as she turned to look at Carrie Underwood's Instagram photo on the screen behind her. "It shows only the left side of her face, not the right side."

Wendy Williams went on to claim that Carrie Underwood has only shown the left side of her face in the handful of social media posts that she's shared since her injury, but the opposite is true. In the collection of snapshots and videos shared by People, the right side of the singer's face is angled toward the camera. This is why it was such a big deal to her fans when she shared the April 4 photo of the left side of her face that was snapped inside a recording studio.

While Wendy Williams has conceded that Carrie Underwood did not get a secret face lift, she found another reason to criticize the country singer.

"I don't know what's under the right side but if it's not a big scar, people might turn on you," Wendy said.

She posited that the "real Carrie Woodians" might get upset with the singer after seeing that her face doesn't look any different, especially after she warned them that it would.

"Why did you make such a big deal when all you have here is just a tiny something?" was one of the questions Wendy suggested that Carrie's fans might be asking.

The talk show host went on to say that "scars are beautiful," and she said that Carrie should wear her scar proudly "like Padma." This was a reference to Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who has a large scar on her right arm as the result of a car accident that she was involved in as a teenager. During an interview with SELF, Padma said that she looks at the scar as something that "sets her apart" from other people. However, she also revealed that she used to be self-conscious about it, so it took some healing and time for her to start viewing it in a positive light.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, it's possible that Carrie Underwood avoided sharing photos of the portion of her face that was injured for so long because she was suffering from a condition known as "cosmetic anxiety." Gerald Young, PhD., the editor-in-chief and founder of the journal Psychological Injury and Law, explained that women who suffer facial injuries may experience "traumatic feelings" because of the emphasis society places on appearance. For many female celebrities, their faces are an important part of their livelihood, as evidenced by Carrie Underwood being the face of Almay. This gives them another cause to be concerned about any major changes to their famous faces.
"For celebrities, the feelings can stem from not only a desire to preserve their aesthetic but also their public persona."
While Wendy Williams might think that Carrie Underwood fans will turn on her for not looking completely different, it's safe to say that many of them are thrilled that she finally feels comfortable enough with the aftermath of her facial injury to start getting back in the studio and making the music that they love.