‘Teen Mom 2’ Pregnant Chelsea Houska DeBoer Talks Weight Loss, Gets Pushback From Fans, Reports ‘In Touch’

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer famously dropped a lot of weight before getting pregnant with her son, Watson, and previously stated that she wanted to lose all of her baby weight before getting pregnant with her third child. Recently, Chelsea shared that she had lost 50lbs after giving birth to baby Watson, and advertised the brand that helped her get there: Profile by Sanford. However, many fans were upset that she was using the app while pregnant with her third child and were concerned she was attempting to lose weight while expecting her baby girl.

In Touch stated that the app Chelsea Houska DeBoer was using was created with a board of physicians including an OBGYN, so using the app while pregnant is completely acceptable, as long as it isn’t used to shed pounds while pregnant. Fans, however, were still stating that what she was doing was dangerous, and weren’t happy that she was promoting it to her fans.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer took to Twitter to tell her fans that she gained 50lbs during her pregnancy with Watson and that she felt horrible during and after. This time, she says, she wants to enjoy her pregnancy with her unnamed baby girl. She also said the app helped her create a pregnancy plan for her to use while she is currently expecting.

Hey!! I'm so excited to be able to finally share with everyone my weight loss journey after having Watson with @profile_sanford !! I'll be blogging my entire journey, including how this has helped me make better choices during my current pregnancy, telling my fav profile foods and recipes and so much more that I love about Profile!! If you're ready to get started and join me with Profile, use my code: CHELSEA for 50% off a membership!!! Such a great deal! Best decision I made after Watson and its helped me so much to remain healthy during this pregnancy!! Can't wait to tell you more!! Xoxo *link in bio!* **Profile is created and backed by a board of Physicians, including OBGYNs! Profile is a safe and effective approach to a healthy lifestyle that is customizable to you and your goals! Including helping you gain healthy weight for you and your babe during pregnancy????????#ad

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Some were upset because they knew Chelsea Houska DeBoer had been paid for the ad on Instagram and stated that she didn’t actually believe in the product. However, it seems that she may have had success with it, though the extent to which she actually used it is entirely unknown.

After having Watson, Chelsea Houska DeBoer admitted to having an elliptical in the front room of her house so that she could work off calories while watching her baby boy. She was also very open about the fact that she and husband, Cole, had serious baby fever and wanted another child as soon as possible. She hasn’t stated how many children she and Cole would like to have together. The little girl she is expecting will be her third child, and second with Cole.