WWE News: Top Impact Wrestling Star Could Be Braun Strowman's Partner At 'WrestleMania 34'

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few mystery angles surrounding WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. While typically the company revolves around angles being cemented a long time before this event, there have been many different approaches this year to build angles.

Despite speculation that WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg could appear in the match as well as the focus on building the match to garner more mainstream attention this year, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has officially been announced to occur on the pre-show, according to the Sun.

After weeks of controversy and discussion over the match initially being named in honor of The Fabulous Moolah, the now-named WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal will also be on the pre-show. While there could – and most likely will – be names outside of the main roster (and even the company) who could return, the match is not as anticipated as if it would have been on the main card. Partly due to WrestleMania crowds still entering the venue, and WWE running the risk of having many empty seats reported Give Me Sports.


Perhaps the biggest mystery angle for WrestleMania is whether The Undertaker, who seemingly retired after ceremonially disrobing following his WrestleMania 33 loss against Roman Reigns, will accept the challenge from John Cena. For many weeks, Cena has cut scathing promos in hopes to claim a spot on WrestleMania 34 but was left dissatisfied because Undertaker did not appear. Although it is strongly believed that a match between John Cena and The Undertaker will occur, there has been speculation that he may return as his short-lived biker character, according to Forbes.

The final, and perhaps oddest, mystery angle is the current feud between Braun Strowman and The Bar's Sheamus and Cesaro. After winning a tag team battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Raw Tag Team Championships, Strowman was ordered to get a partner from General Manager Kurt Angle in order for the decision to stand. Since winning, Strowman has yet to reveal a partner, except disguising himself as his "brother" Brains Strowman on a recent episode of Raw.


For weeks, according to Sky Sports, there have been numerous names rumored to be Braun Strowman's partner, with some including Big Show, Bray Wyatt, Big Cass, Elias, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho. However, according to Wrestling Observer Radio, current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron could be the one who fills the role.

According to CBS Sports, there recently were negotiations with the WWE to bring back El Patron, after two stints that left a less-than-smooth relationship when he departed. In addition, El Patron no-showed a weekend Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event, despite numerous accounts of being seen in New Orleans, and also attending other events according to Wrestling Inc.

Although El Patron is notorious for leaving companies in a way that is not very amicable, his talent still merits companies the desire to acquire him. WWE may be the latest company to do so, as he could be the mystery person to team with Strowman at WrestleMania 34.