Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Having Another Boy Claims Baby Bump Expert

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Kate Middleton is on the verge of giving birth to her third baby with Prince William. The couple has decided to keep the gender of the baby a secret until after the birth, but that hasn’t stopped a few baby bump experts from making predictions. Will Middleton have another boy this month?

According to Express, pregnancy experts believe that Middleton is showing tell-tale signs of having a boy. The Duchess of Cambridge’s baby bump is larger than her previous two pregnancies at this stage of the game. Boys tend to be larger than girls, which tends to cause a more pronounced belly.

Research also indicates that women are more likely to have a boy if they already have at least one girl. Middleton already shares a boy and a girl with William: Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Middleton is expected to give birth to her third baby sometime this month. The couple has not announced an exact due date, likely due to security reasons. Middleton will probably give birth inside a private suite at St. Mary’s Hospital. She had Prince George and Princess Charlotte inside the hospital’s Lindo wing and is expected to do the same the third time around.

While Middleton is only weeks away from having a baby, she made a surprise appearance at St. George’s Chapel for Easter Mass with William and the rest of the royal family. Middleton wore a brown dress for the outing complete with pillbox hat.

Although St. George’s Chapel is the same place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot on May 19, the couple did not attend the holiday service.

According to the Telegraph, William and Middleton also experienced a slightly embarrassing moment when they arrived at the service late. The two were apparently tardy because of traffic in the city. Fortunately, the mass went off without a hitch, and it didn’t seem as though Queen Elizabeth was too worried about the couple’s tardiness.

It isn’t known if Middleton will attend Harry and Markle’s wedding, which will take place weeks after her birth. There was some speculation that Middleton was going to be a part of Markle’s bridal party, though it is unlikely that those rumors are true.

Not only will Middleton still be recovering from the birth, but she hasn’t known Markle for very long. Middleton is also higher in rank than Markle, and it would be unlikely for her to play a subservient role in the ceremony.

Apart from the gender, William and Middleton have not revealed what they are planning on naming their newest addition. Fortunately, Middleton is only a few weeks away from giving birth, and it won’t be long before we finally know more about baby number three.

Here’s to hoping that everything goes smoothly for the couple and that Middleton recovers in time for Harry’s wedding.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have not commented on the rumors surrounding their new child.