Duncan James Turns 40 -- Blue Member Talks British Music Scene With Caprice, Abz Love, And Father's Death

Duncan James turned 40 yesterday, reportedly spending the day with his mum and daughter. The member of British boy band Blue rocketed to success in the '90s and 2000s along with bandmates Simon Webbe, Lee Ryan, and Antony Costa. He received a flood of well-wishes and "happy birthdays" on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Duncan James moved on from his boy band days to star in soap Hollyoaks and has just revealed that his character, a nice-guy-turned-murderer, will kill again, reports The Sun.

Duncan was sometimes known as "the good-looking one" and he took everyone's breath away with the "time to let you know...nice and slow" segment in "Fly by II."

Last year, he appeared in a video with Caprice, who confirmed that Duncan James is the "nicest person" in the pop world. She also described him as "gorgeous." They talk about the wild parties in the British pop/celeb scene, the death of Duncan's father, his search for long-term love and an incident where their group of friends hooked up a member of the Bush family and a member of the bin Laden family.

"They were vibing," Caprice recalls, explaining that it was around the time the CIA and the Bush administration were looking for bin Laden. She, Duncan and their friends thought it would be funny to hook up a Bush with a member of the wealthy terrorist's family, Caprice recalls.

Duncan James from pop band Blue performs in concert at Ewood Park Football Ground on March 24, 2004.
Getty Images | ShowBizIreland
Duncan James performs with Blue in Blackburn, England in 2004.

"I wouldn't do it now," says Caprice. She also says that Duncan James has a dark side. He corrects her and says he would call it a "naughty" side!

"That was a good party," says Duncan, recalling the wild events Caprice would host with champagne pouring and people's breasts falling out.

For a while, there was a strange story going around saying that Brian Molko from Placebo rejected Caprice, reportedly selecting her to be the recipient of a stinging rejection exactly because she is so beautiful and attractive.

Self-declared mummy's boy Duncan James, who is reportedly spending his 40th with the woman who raised him alone, appeared in an interview with his mum a few years back. Mrs. James admitted that one thing that gets him riled up is when she disagrees with his clothing choices!

"He gets so angry."
Looking good is a big deal for the boy band member-turned actor, who came out as bi to bandmate Simon Webbe in 2010 then as gay more recently, and he has both the determination and the raw ability. He appeared in fresh ensembles, emoting to spectacular effect, exuding sex appeal in hot waves, and generally looking top-of-the-heap sensational in a selection of videos including "If You Come Back", "One Love", "You Make Me Wanna", "Bubblin", Eurovision entry "I Can" (for which Blue made two videos) and the group's best-known classic hit "All Rise."
Duncan James was a friend of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who died tragically of a brain tumor last year, and who had ties to the royal family, reports The Sun. "She sadly battled many demons and now she will be truly at rest without being frightened or scared," Duncan wrote in his touching piece.

The British pop scene continues to deliver when it comes to scandals. The Daily Mail reports that former 5ive member Abz Love was embroiled in a controversy last year when his ex-girlfriend responded to his claim that she was secretly working as a high-class escort. The ex, Vicky Fallon, bashes Abz's new girlfriend, saying he will cheat just like he previously did with an "Australian b****", and ends the incredible video with a curt "not a prostitute."

Abz achieved success with 5ive hits like "Keep on Movin", "If Ya Gettin Down" and "Got the Feelin'" then fell into heavy drug-use and an unsustainable lifestyle. He has said that he believes current British pop darlings One Direction will be firmly down the same path by 2020.