‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Haunting Turns Real, Carly Turns To Sonny, Drew Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be much confusion in Port Charles for the week of April 9. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) succeeded in her plot to mess with Carly (Laura Wright). Ava (Maura West) tried to stop her from her plans, but she won’t be deterred.

Carly Has Nowhere To Run

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub suggests that Carly will walk right into the trap. Her old house is now Nelle’s turf, who arranged everything to make Carly lose her mind. Nevertheless, Carly will stay strong and make her way out of the house with her sanity intact.

Of course, Morgan’s old room and the sounds in the house haunted her enough to make her call out her deceased son’s name. As revealed by General Hospital spoilers, Carly will get her hands on a baseball bat, and the person who is trying to scare her off better watch out. What’s even more interesting about the newest spoilers is the fact that the person in the house doesn’t appear to be Nelle.

Nelle may have tried to set everything up for Carly, but she might not be the only one who wants to get her. There are endless possibilities here.

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that all these scary happenings will no longer stay secret. Carly is done with concealing everything, and she’s having none of it. When she gets home to Sonny (Maurice Benard), she will tell him about everything that transpired.

While she finally tells her husband what has been happening, Sonny has been too busy with Mike lately, and it seems like his wife found it fitting to confide to Jason (Steve Burton) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) but not to him. Sonny will not just leave this incident; he will get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, the person who is mainly responsible for all of Carly’s nightmares is doing fine. It appears like Nelle is even making new friends. General Hospital spoilers hint at Nelle’s new friends.

Josslyn Loves Nelle

While Carly is struggling with the aftermath of Nelle’s latest scheme, it seems like someone will try to reason out with Michael. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Josslyn will encourage her brother to stick with Nelle since she doesn’t seem to be that bad after all.

Josslyn can be an innocent kid, and she has no idea how evil Nelle can be when backed into a corner.

More General Hospital Spoilers

As for other Port Charles residents, it seems like Drew (Billy Miller) and Franco (Roger Howarth) will deal with their childhood boogeyman – Jim Harvey. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will be worried about her man, and it appears like she has every reason to be.