NFL Rumors: Bears’ Jordan Howard Trade Speculation Returns After Deleted Instagram Pics, Per ‘USA Today’

Don’t shut down those NFL rumors about a Jordan Howard trade from the Chicago Bears just yet. After previous rumors of a potential trade with the Miami Dolphins involving Jarvis Landry, among others, things seemed to die down a bit in terms of fans believing their star running back was on the move. However, recent reports that the Bears’ running back deleted photos only related to the team from his Instagram account have given more fuel to the fire.

On Wednesday, the USA Today Bears Wire reported that Howard has removed every single picture related to the Chicago Bears from his Instagram account. The website adds that his most recent photograph being displayed on the social media account is from November 2, which was his birthday.

It could be reading a lot into things, but it seems like a bizarre move for Howard to remove those particular images from his account unless there’s some sort of unhappiness with the organization. Normally, celebrities, including athletes, take down all those Instagram pics of themselves with a significant other, after a breakup.

Jordan Howard has been playing with the Chicago Bears for his two seasons in the NFL now, and has been considered their top player after the team traded Matt Forte. In his two seasons, he’s achieved one NFL Pro Bowl appearance and has racked up impressive NFL stats, which include 2,435 career yards along with 15 touchdowns.

jordan howard trade rumors return
Jordan Howard recently deleted all of the Bears-related images from his Instagram account.

Howard definitely seems like the type of offensive threat the team needs as they move forward, and as their young quarterback also improves steadily. It gives Chicago that running and passing attack that other teams have employed very well. However, it’s always possible the powers that be feel differently.

The team signed Howard to a four-year contract in May of 2016 and most Bears fans want to see him stay on board. However, if there was some feeling within the organization that Howard doesn’t fit into the team’s future, then a deal may have been orchestrated. Is it possible that Jordan Howard already knows his future won’t be in Chicago?

The 2018 NFL season is around the corner, but there’s the matter of the NFL Draft first. That arrives toward the end of the month in Arlington, Texas. Chicago has the No. 8 pick in the NFL Draft right now, and according to, the team’s needs involve drafting players for the cornerback, edge, or offensive and defensive lineman.

Chicago pretty much shocked the football world last draft when they traded up to make sure they selected quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Could the team be considering a move up for a player like Saquon Barkley as their future running back? The offseason should only get more interesting as the speculation continues.