Bella Thorne Poses In Her New Merchandise In Apparent ‘Return’ To Social Media

On Sunday, actress Bella Thorne told her more than 17 million followers that she was planning on taking a break from all of social media. At the time, the actress even said that the hiatus would most likely last for the rest of the year. However, while Thorne may have planned to stay away from social media for the rest of 2018, her plans definitely seemed to change, as she not only posted about the return of her show, Famous in Love, earlier in the week, but on Thursday she posted videos and pictures to her Instagram story, and then on Friday, she was posting pictures directly to her Instagram account.

According to the Daily Mail, in her “return to social media” on Friday, Bella Thorne posted a series of pictures in which she was modeling in her underwear. While Thorne may have been in her underwear in the pictures, based on her story posts, the images were all about her new merchandise collection. In the pictures, the actress can be seen wearing a white crop top that said, “I’m cute,” along with a pair of pink underwear, and a silver belt. Thorne also had a black beret, with white stripes at the sides on her head, with her long red hair flowing passed her shoulders.

When it came to Bella Thorne’s Instagram story posts, followers got to watch as the actress talked about an upcoming merchandise launch, which is also what inspired the pictures posted to her social media account. Over the course of the videos and pictures posted to her story, Thorne talked about streaming her series on Hulu, showed off screen grabs of orders placed for merchandise, and even showed off a wig that appeared to be in the process of being colored. In one of the story posts, Thorne showed off her makeup-free face as she stuck out her tongue and let her followers know that she had posted pictures, “in my undies and my OG collection.”

Although Bella Thorne may have considered taking a break from social media based on her post earlier in the week, it seems that with the launch of her merchandise collection and the return of her television series, it was just not going to happen. Whether her announcement that she was taking a social media hiatus was a joke in honor of April Fools’ Day or not, the actress was clearly enjoying sharing her new merchandise with her followers.

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