Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Shingles And Is Quarantined From His Baby

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Lin-Manuel Miranda has to be quarantined from his baby boy after being diagnosed with the shingles virus earlier this week.

The Hamilton creator took to Twitter on Wednesday to say that he was suffering from a terrible migraine and that his forehead felt hot. But on Thursday he revealed that it wasn’t a migraine, after all. Miranda had been diagnosed with shingles and admitted that he had to be quarantined from his new baby son.

Miranda is taking it all in stride though. The Broadway star also joked he had to wear “a Phantom mask until further notice” and even posted a hilarious GIF of The Phantom of the Opera and a picture of himself in a Phantom mask after he got blurry eyes at a checkup at the ophthalmologist. Even people like Shameless and Phantom of the Opera star Emmy Rossum got in on the joke saying, “Available for duets while you have the mask anyway.”

However, many took Miranda’s Phantom of the Opera jokes seriously, including the Associated Press. So Miranda had to take to Twitter to say that he was only kidding about the mask and that the mask he owned was for the wrong side of his face anyway.

“I can’t post jokes anywhere NEAR my health status, cuz they’ll be printed as fact. Sorry,” the Hamilton star tweeted. “I’m fine. Not wearing a mask. My eyes are fine, they were just dilated for the checkup, which is routine. Staying at my folks’ house, up the street.”

Miranda tweeted that while he doesn’t actually have to wear the Phantom mask, he is staying with his parents down the street because he does have to be quarantined away from his baby while he has shingles. He and his wife Vanessa Nadal have a three-year-old son named Sebastian and a son named Francisco, who was born in February.

As Today reported, shingles is similar to chickenpox, but is harsher and last longer and comes with shooting pains. Shingles can last a few weeks and can be brought on by stress. Shingles and chickenpox both come from the same virus, though, and while shingles itself isn’t contagious, an unvaccinated baby or kid who hasn’t had chickenpox can get chickenpox from someone with shingles, which is why Miranda has to stay away from his baby Francisco until it clears up.