Melania Trump, Barron Trump ‘Attacked’ Unlike Michelle Obama, Says Rachel Campos-Duffy On ‘Fox News’ [Video]

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

As seen in the viral video below from the Twitter page of Rachel Campos-Duffy, the former reality TV show star went after the way some late-night talk show hosts have treated First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump — all the while claiming that former First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters “were treated like royalty” by Hollywood and the media when former President Barack Obama was commander-in-chief.

The video begins with a snippet of Jimmy Kimmel mocking Melania Trump’s accent, with Kimmel imitating Melania saying “dis and dat” instead of “this and that” while reading a book to children at the Easter Egg Roll, as reported by the Inquisitr. Rachel claimed that such mocking of heavy foreign accents felt like a “dagger” to the heart — at least in her mother’s eyes — when Campos-Duffy asked her immigrant mother about the mocking by Kimmel.

Reality show fans will remember Rachel from the 1994 MTV series The Real World: San Francisco, with Rachel starring as the girl with conservative parents who lied and told her mom that her tattoo was a sticker. Years later, Rachel is railing about the outrage she felt when Vanity Fair did not name Melania as the most fashionable woman during the time the outlet named Mrs. Obama as fashionable. On Twitter, is getting a big response for her claims that “there’s never a kind or encouraging word for Melania Trump, who is breaking barriers – yet Michelle Obama was treated like royalty by Hollywood and media,” as reported by Yahoo Lifestyle.


Campos-Duffy claimed that liberals prefer only a certain type of immigrant and said that if Kimmel had joked about Michelle Obama in the same manner by turning to his Mexican-American security guard — like Kimmel did in the viral video — and told him that he could be the first lady of the U.S. also in reference to Mrs. Obama, there would have been cries of racism.

Rachel spoke about her own mother being “an immigrant to this country with a strong beautiful accent” and spoke with the Fox News host about how difficult it is to learn the language of a different country. Campos-Duffy said that Melania has a better command of the English language than some native speakers.


Rachel praised First Lady Melania for being the first foreign-born president’s wife since the early 1800s. Campos-Duffy also claimed that Kimmel attacked Barron Trump in the same monologue and said that Michelle Obama and “her girls” were not treated that way. However, while some social media users agree with Rachel, others are begging to differ and making their voices — and memes — known on social media.