‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Brother On Trial For Murder, Reports ‘Radar Online’


The Teen Mom franchise is no stranger to scandal. However, one of the show’s newest stars may be bringing more drama than ever to the reality series as his brother is currently on trial for murder.

According to an April 5 report by Radar Online, Bariki Smith (Bar) from MTV’s newest show, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, has more family drama than any of the other young parents who appear on the series. Bar, who is the father of Ashley Jones’ baby, has been dealing with shocking family issues.

The report reveals that Bar’s older brother, Troy Seales, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Deandre Adams. Troy was taken into custody after Deandre was shot multiple times as he was driving his car in Oakland, California. Adams crashed the car upon being shot and died at Highland Hospital following the incident. The Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star’s brother was later arrested along with another man named Dupree Riley.

Troy Seales was charged with two counts of great bodily injury, which he denied, and one count of shooting at an inhabited dwelling. The Teen Mom star’s older brother reportedly pleaded not guilty to the murder and is being held at Santa Rita Jail without bail. Bariki Smith and Troy Seales share the same mother, Shenandoah Williams, who has become a quick fixture on the MTV reality series.

As many Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant viewers know, Bar’s mother and his girlfriend, Ashley Jones, do not get along. The show, which has only aired a few episodes, has already revealed much tension between the two women in Bariki’s life and even included a huge blowout fight at Ashley’s baby shower. Shenandoah has been adamant in speaking out about Troy’s innocence in the murder trial and has even created a page asking people for donations so that she can ensure her son gets a fair trial.

On the page, Williams claims that her son “does not fit the witness description reported to authorities” and that he is easy to identify due to is “multiple tattoos, height, and slim physique.” The family has currently raised $6,500 of their $10,000 goal for his legal defense.

Fans can see more of Bariki’s Smith’s family drama when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs Monday nights on MTV.