Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Movie Trailer Teases 'A Royal Romance'

The trailer for Lifetime's movie about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was released April 5. The movie titled Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance tells the story of how the couple met. Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly met after being set up by close friends. The movie looks at certain details of their relationship and how they kept their initial courtship a secret. According to CNN, the film tells the story of their courtship, from their first date to when their relationship went public. The documentary also looks at the life of the actress from childhood to her acting and modeling careers and her humanitarian efforts.

The trailer starts with Prince Harry popping a bottle of champagne and saying how boring married life is, according to Glamour. Kate Middleton (Laura Mitchell) responds to Harry, "Dude, you're a grown-a** man; it's time to put down the keg and get hitched." She also calls him Peter Pan, which is funny because they're both gingers. Oh, and Prince William (Burgess Abernethy) is in this shot too, looking sad and British, Glamour reports. The trailer shows Harry and Meghan meet for the first time, reportedly on a blind date. Kate tells Harry in the trailer, "She's American; she's divorced... are you ready for this?"

Cosmopolitan reports Lifetime previously released a 20-second teaser in March, but this trailer is much, much better. According to Glamour, the actress who plays Meghan Markle even sounds like Meghan Markle. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is the most anticipated wedding of 2018. The public interest in their wedding may inspire the same interest in the movie about their "royal romance." The semblance of the actors to the royals is arguable but fans will be hoping for a true depiction of Harry and Meghan's romance.
Parisa Fitz‑Henley stars as Meghan Markle and Murray Fraser plays Prince Harry in the movie. The movie premieres May 13 on the American cable and satellite television channel, Lifetime. The movie is written by Terrence Coli, Scarlett Lacey, and directed by Menhaj Huda. Prince Harry and Markle announced their engagement in November last year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to marry on May 19 at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle, with the blessing of the Queen.