Sprint Wireless Adds 28 New 4G LTE Markets

Sprint Wireless on Thursday announced the expansion of its 4G LTE coverage to 28 new markets.

Sprint’s new coverage includes towns in the following states:

“Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas, and Massachusetts.”

While some smaller areas are covered by the expansion the cellular network has launched its high-speed mobile data in Branson, Missouri, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Sprint Wireless was late to the 4G LTE game after Verizon and AT&T began launching their robust nationwide networks in 2008.

Sprint had attempted to build out a WiMax network when long-term evolution first took off, however that company’s network type soon fell out of favor, leading Sprint Wireless to rush towards 4G LTE technology.

The American cellular company recently said it would work to finish its nationwide 4G LTE network by the end of 2013.

Long-term evolution is seen as a necessary component for cellular networks who are attempting to compete for both smartphone and tablet customers. In many cases notebook and ultrabook PCs have begun to implement 4G technology to their systems.

While Sprint’s network has been slower to roll-out the company has attempted to lure customers with cheaper mobile data plans, including the company’s popular unlimited data option for smartphones and tablets.