Jon Stewart Rips NRA Ad [Video]

John Stewart is a little confused by the new NRA ad attacking the Obama administration.

According to the Daily Show host, the NRA ad plays like a mischievous anti-documentary by Michael Moore or like an elaborate Joaquin Phoenix type prank.

Basically, Stewart can’t believe that the NRA is serious about its new ad.

Stewart said:

“If I didn’t know any better, after seeing that ad, I would think that the NRA is either an elaborate avant guard Joaquin Phoenix style joke or a false flag operation run by Michael Moore in an attempt to discredit gun owners.”

The NRA ad calls out President Obama for having armed security guards to protect his kids while other students are forced to go to school without armed guards present.

Which, to Stewart, makes very little sense.

Stewart said:

“Yeah, why does he get to veto bills and command an army when we don’t?”

Stewart also made fun of the fact that the ATF, the government agency that regulates alcohol, tobacco and firearms, hasn’t not had a director in 6 years. The acting director of the agency, B. Todd Jones, is a U.S. attorney from Minnesota.

Here are a few videos of Jon Stewart talking about the NRA, the ATF, and gun control in America.

Here’s the original video of the NRA ad.

This isn’t the first time that Stewart has attacked the NRA. Last week the host of the Daily Show used a plastic assault rifle to illustrate his point.