Olivia Munn Rocks Peach String Bikini And Dances With Girlfriend ‘In A Tiny Box’: See The ‘Six’ Star’s Moves

Olivia Munn helped a friend celebrate her birthday by busting a move in a nude-colored bikini. The X-Men: Apocalypse star made one of her pal’s birthday wishes come true by complying with an unusual request. It required coming up with a few creative dance moves, and Olivia was up for the challenge.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Olivia Munn, 37, and her close pal Catherine Davis had a little fun in the sun on Tuesday afternoon. Davis was celebrating her birthday, and she decided to make her waterside party a little more interesting by presenting Munn with a wacky dance challenge. The actress treated her Instagram followers to a video showing the results of her friend’s silly request.

“Catherine said ‘Let’s dance like we’re in a tiny box and can’t move.’ So…” Munn wrote.

Olivia Munn’s dance video was shot in front of an unidentified body of water. In it, the actress is wearing a peach string bikini with a short floral pattern skirt, while her friend rocks a bright green one-piece swimsuit. Thanks to Davis’ restrictive request, Munn was forced to dance real close to the birthday girl. The two friends also had to limit their body movements, so they did a lot of dancing with their fingers and hands.

The song they chose for their dance challenge was the ASAP Rocky tune “F**kin’ Problems.” Olivia Munn did a little lip-syncing during the Kendrick Lamar verse that includes a shout-out to Halle Berry.


As you can see, Olivia had a hard time pretending to dance in a tiny box. Near the end of the video, she leans forward and points her finger at the camera. She also moves her upper body and arms around more than her friend does.

In her Instagram caption, Olivia revealed that having a bikini dance party with her pal is just as fun as it looks.

“If you only know one thing about this gem of a friend, I want you to know that no one is more fun to dance with than Catherine,” the actress wrote.

Olivia Munn probably won’t be doing much dancing or bikini-wearing in her latest TV project. Instead, she’ll be trying to help prevent World War III while rocking a lot of jackets in army green and gray. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Munn will soon make her debut on the History Channel series Six. According to the actress, her character will be speaking Russian instead of lip-syncing to Kendrick Lamar.


In the scripted drama series, Munn plays a smart and relentless CIA director who is determined to take down a terrorist known as the Prince. In order to accomplish this goal, she must work alongside members of the Navy’s SEAL Team Six.

You can see if Olivia Munn’s terrorist tracking skills are better than her dance skills when the new season of Six premieres Monday, May 28, at 10 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

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