Cavs Rumors: LeBron James To 76ers Is ‘Far & Away’ Best Situation For Him Next Season, Says ESPN’s Will Cain

As the NBA season has progressed, the Cleveland Cavs rumors of LeBron James joining a new team next season have been focusing on a few teams, but one is gaining more steam. While the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets are considered James’ potential landing spots next season if he leaves Cleveland, the Philadelphia 76ers seem to have a strong case. Based on the team’s recent success and future prospects of contending, as well as the fact that James would end up sharing credit for a championship in Houston, ESPN’s Will Cain believes the 76ers make sense.

Just recently, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum gave his thoughts on why LeBron could choose Philly. During a recent segment of ESPN’s First Take, Will Cain said he thinks McCollum is on to something when he suggested Philadelphia as James’ landing spot this summer. Cain also mentioned his reasons why LeBron James joining the 76ers is “far and away” the best situation for the “King,” suggesting that they “check off” a lot of boxes. That includes being a threat in the Eastern Conference, which the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets are not. Houston is a threat out in the Western Conference, though.

Cain also said he feels that if LeBron James were to join the cause of the Houston Rockets and they won it all, it would mean sharing credit with this year’s NBA MVP contender James Harden and All-Star Chris Paul. Cain went on to explain that a lot of people out there discount Kevin Durant’s NBA championship due to the fact he joined the top overall team to achieve that title. He suggested the same might happen to LeBron “if he chose Houston.”

Cain’s colleague argued against his point, suggesting that LeBron can go “anywhere he wants” and the main goal is to create a legitimate contender to take down the Golden State Warriors. He adds people would “applaud LeBron going to Houston” to help them finally overcome the mighty Warriors out West if they don’t accomplish it this year. It’s also mentioned that LeBron James hasn’t necessarily left the teams he’s joined in the best condition since that team becomes “about LeBron” when he’s there and in disarray after he leaves.

Whatever happens, it’s likely that LeBron will sign another short-term deal where he plays, giving him wiggle room to leave again. There’s still an entire postseason for these debates to continue, as the playoffs will probably give a strong indicator of what LeBron James might decide to do. Fans will be keeping an eye on how the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets fare this coming NBA Playoffs. Should they get further than LeBron’s current team, it just might give the “King” a stronger reason to join their cause and win another few titles before he retires. However, if Houston wins it all, then James might end up becoming the next Kevin Durant in terms of free agency decisions.