NFL Rumors: Patriots May Trade Up For Baker Mayfield In Draft As Tom Brady’s Replacement, Per ‘NY Daily News’

There are plenty of NFL rumors swirling around the New England Patriots after recent trades ahead of the NFL Draft. The most recent was a move that sent wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a variety of different picks in the draft. It’s now being speculated that the organization could make more deals including a Rob Gronkowski trade as well as a trade to move up in terms of their current draft position. It all could lead to landing Tom Brady’s “heir apparent” at the quarterback spot. A report speculates that successor could be Oklahoma Sooners’ quarterback Baker Mayfield.

In a recent NY Daily News mailbag from Manish Mehta, he discusses mostly the New York Jets as they continue to rebuild, but also mentions the New England Patriots’ current situation. While the New York Jets will have a prime opportunity to draft a franchise quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft, but they are “divided on which quarterback to take.” They’ll have the No. 3 spot and options could include Josh Allen, John Rosen, and Baker Mayfield, depending on what happens above, or as Mehta mentions, below them in the NFL draft order. Teams could make moves to improve their draft position, and one of those teams is the New England Patriots.

tom brady replacement to be addressed via nfl draft
Tom Brady’s ‘heir apparent’ may be addressed in the upcoming NFL Draft and a trade could land the Pats their future QB.

It’s already being reported that the Patriots are expected to use at least one draft pick to get a quarterback. That could even be Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State or Kyle Lauletta from Richmond. Those two quarterbacks may be available in a later round, and the Patriots will have four picks out of the first 63 picks in this year’s draft. However, another quarterback expected to be drafted higher up is the one the Pats seem impressed with.

In the NY Daily News column, it’s suggested that the New England Patriots have stocked up their supply of draft picks, and could make some sort of deal with a team much higher up in the first round. That could be the New York Giants at the No. 2 spot, where New England could take the quarterback they’re interested in: Baker Mayfield. It may seem surprising at first, but it’s always possible as Bill Belichick knows that time is ticking for him and Tom Brady’s run at Super Bowl trophies.

As of right now, the Patriots own the No. 23 and No. 31 picks in the first round of the draft. They’ll also have the No. 43 and No. 63 picks in the second round, along with a few picks in later rounds. That gives them plenty to work with, whether it’s packaging those as trade assets, or using them to land a new quarterback they’ve scouted beyond the four guys being talked about as earlier picks.

A Rob Gronkowski trade along with picks will probably help the Patriots improve their current draft position. It won’t be popular with fans, though, as they watch two of the cornerstones of the dynasty being moved, or having their departure planned for. Time will tell over the next few weeks if the team is looking to find an “heir apparent” for Tom Brady. Patriots fans know it’s coming no matter how well Brady has battled Father Time.