What You Need To Know About ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 For The Season Premiere

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They’re back! The original Charleston crew is back for Southern Charm Season 5, and aside from a minor substitution to the core cast (Landon has headed west to seek her real estate fortune, and Chelsea Meissner is now part of the main cast), everyone is back. But it seems that nearly everyone’s relationship status is up in the air. Let’s just say that Southern Charm Season 5 is loaded with singletons and extension.

Southern Charm Season 5 Premieres On Bravo

Tonight’s Southern Charm Season 5 premiere episode is accurately called “The Break-Up Bunch Part 1” according to the Charleston City Paper, and fans will learn what our favorite Charmers have been up to. The teaser for the season shows an end of Southern Charm Season 5 skirmish a la the Thomas Ravenel dinner party from hell, and then does the rest of the season in flashback.

So to bring you up to speed, Craig and Naomie have broken up, and she has moved into her own posh place while new lawyer Craig has taken on a roommate. Speaking of moving, Shep has moved past his unsuccessful search for love on his spin-off Relationshep and has moved into his new place on the beach. And like last season, Whitney and Patricia will only pop in for color commentary.


The Southern Charm Season 5 opener finds Cameran nearing the end of her pregnancy, laying low and waiting for baby Palmer to arrive, while Danni is doing her best to move past her canceled wedding. Chelsea and Austen still have the door slightly ajar to a relationship, but they aren’t in one, and as revealed on the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion, Austen has quit his day job after the company wanted to transfer him to Savannah.

Southern Charm Season 5 Promises Yet Another Chapter Of Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Season 5 will introduce us to Thomas Ravenel’s new plus one, Ashley who seems to have been imported from California in an attempt to irk Kathryn Dennis, who has moved into her new place in Daniel Island where she has room for the kids, Kensie and Saint. If the preview of the season finale is any indication, Ravenel’s nurse has done her job trying to rankle Kathryn who has finally put Thomas in her rearview mirror.

And perhaps the Southern Charm couple that fans thought was on solid ground, J.D. and Elizabeth Madison have called it quits, and J.D. has moved into the guest house. The two called it quits after J.D.’s business, Gentry Bar and Room failed after getting evicted from their prime Charleston location.

The Longest-Running Southern Charm Marriage Has Come To An End

J.D. Madison insisted that the business, which has been featured on Southern Charm since the first season was just changing locations, but the landlord of the restaurant location claimed that wasn’t true and filed suit against the Madisons, starting the eviction process.

“The order of the eviction speaks for itself. By no fault of the landlord, the tenant became seriously delinquent on his rent. The tenant agreed to the order in an attempt to forestall eviction and raise past due rents. Based on promises made by the tenant, the ownership gave the tenant additional time to raise the funds needed. That timeline was not met. It is important to note that the landlord had not yet attempted to renegotiate the lease to this point. It was only after the landlord had the absolute right to evict, based on countless promises that were never kept, did the landlord desire to renegotiate the lease due to its lack of faith in the tenant.”

With Elizabeth Madison newly single, this will be the first season of Southern Charm where there is a single girl crew. Kathryn Dennis, Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner, Danni Baird, and now Elizabeth Madison are all back on the market and potentially looking for love in Charleston on Southern Charm Season 5.