Emily Blunt Opens Up About Her Stuttering As A Child And How Acting Helped

At 35-years-old, Emily Blunt has an acting career that she is proud of, and a family that includes husband John Krasinski and two children. However, while the actress might love her career, acting is more than that for her, as she reveals in a new interview that acting actually helped her deal with her stutter when she was in school.

According to People Magazine, Blunt explained that when she was young, she would often speak in different voices because not sounding like herself actually allowed her a chance to speak more clearly. The actress said that when she was 12-years-old, a teacher overheard her doing different voices and told her that he believed that she was very funny, and made the suggestion that she should try out for the school play using one of her voices. Apparently, this introduction to her school’s play is what ultimately led to Emily Blunt’s love for the theater and her desire to turn to acting.

However, while acting may have helped Blunt to deal with her stutter, it did not get rid of it completely. The actress explained that her stutter has nothing to do with anxiety or nerves, and is instead something she is genetically predisposed to. According to Emily Blunt, what she has is “just a kind of brain-synapse thing that happens to people who are genetically predisposed to have it.”

The fact her stuttering is not related to anxiety means that there are times when her stutter will flare back up. In fact, Blunt said that when she finds herself extremely tired, her stutter will make an appearance. At the same time, she said that being pregnant made her stutter more prominent as well. Emily Blunt admitted that this is something that simply runs in her family, as her grandfather, a cousin, and an uncle all have a stutter.

While the actress has been able to deal with her stutter because of her acting, as she pointed out, it was a lot harder to deal with it when she 12 and 13, which is why she has partnered with the American Institute of Stuttering. Emily Blunt shared that the organization helps to give people who stutter more confidence, while also helping not only children but also adults who are often misrepresented simply because of the way they speak.

With so many people actually being bullied because of the way they speak or the stutter they may have, Blunt believes that the American Institute of Stuttering is an excellent organization that can help people deal with the problem, while also helping face down bullies, as it offers people a sense of community.

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