Britney Spears Causes Bidding War In Las Vegas

Britney Spears will soon become a staple of the Las Vegas strip. Exactly where she performs, however, is yet to be determined. The pop singer has reportedly started a bidding war between three Las Vegas hotels.

According to TMZ, at least three Las Vegas properties are bidding on Britney Spears.

The singer was close to signing a $100 million with Caesars to perform several shows a week on a regular basis, but that deal apparently fell through when two other hotels through their hats into the ring.

There were reports earlier this week that Spears agreed to a $200 million deal with Caesars, but that deal hasn’t been confirmed yet. If Spears does land a $200 million deal, it will be close to double, according to E! Online, what Elton John and Celine Dion made when they started their tenure in Vegas.

It’s unclear what hotels are currently bidding on Britney Spears, but it is clear that the pop singer can still draw in the offers.

A friend of the singer said:

“She is well and has amazing family and friends who love her. She is dancing five days a week and is in the studio working on her eighth album. She is in demand career wise.”

Spears recently left The X Factor, but that doesn’t mean that her career is slowing down. In addition to her future stint in Vegas, Britney is working on a new studio album.

Are you a fan of Britney Spears? Are you surprised that she’s started a bidding war in Las Vegas?