Blac Chyna: Kardashians Slam Rob’s Ex-Girlfriend Over Defamation Lawsuit Amid Custody Battle

Blac Chyna is hoping that she’s going to win her lawsuit against the Kardashians, claiming that the family has tarnished her reputation and consequently affected her brand.

Chyna and the Kardashians have been feuding ever since it was first made known that the former stripper was dating Rob Kardashian.

The toxic relationship turned so sour that things would often turn physical between the two, before eventually realizing that the twosome just wasn’t made to be together.

Following the birth of their daughter, Dream, things continued to spiral out of control when Blac Chyna started suing several members of Rob’s family, claiming they had made public remarks about her that have seen her lose business deals.

According to TMZ, however, the Kardashians are fighting back in the current legal battle, stressing through their attorneys that they have nothing to do with whatever drama Blac Chyna is dealing with in regards to their brother.

What’s disturbing for the family to comprehend is that Blac Chyna continues to blame the likes of Kim, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner for the cancelation of the socialite’s reality show, Rob & Chyna.

Kim and her siblings have since argued that if the couple were already apart from one another prior to taping the second series of their show, there’s no case in whatever Blac Chyna is trying to get out of them.

The show is called Rob & Chyna, and considering that they were no longer together, Kim and her family feel that there’s absolutely no case in the allegations that Blac is holding against them.

Further down the line, Blac Chyna has also argued in court that Rob’s famous siblings have often branded the mother of two with names that are not only uncalled for but have greatly affected her work ethic and the way people view her.

For the slander she has received, Blac Chyna has filed a defamation lawsuit, which, again, the Kardashians beg to differ.

A judge has yet to make the final say on the matter, but according to TMZ, it doesn’t look as if Blac Chyna has much of a case in either situation.

It’s unlikely that she’ll win the lawsuits filed against Rob and his family.

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