‘My 600-LB Life’ Schenee Murry Update: See If The 700-LB Woman Has Any Weight-Loss Pictures To Share

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Schenee Murry came to My 600-LB Life hoping to lose weight and start a family, and now fans of the show are hoping to see what progress she has made since getting what could be a life-saving surgery — including if there are any weight-loss pictures to share.

Like nearly all of the people who have been featured on My 600-LB Life, Schenee had a very difficult childhood that led to her out-of-control addiction to food. As Monsters and Critics noted, she was raped by a close family member when she was 5 years old, an act so violent that the young girl had to be taken to a doctor as she could not use the bathroom afterward.

After that, Schenee started to turn to food for comfort and her weight rose rapidly. By the time she was 7, Schenee already weighed 130 pounds and was starting to sneak food so her parents would not know. When she was 11, Schenee weighed about 160 pounds and was mocked at school for her weight, which only made her turn to food even more, Newsweek noted.

By the time she made the decision to get life-changing surgery in Houston, Schenee weighed more than 700 pounds, but was hopeful and determined to turn her life around. She had a difficult time once there, however, unable to lose the weight needed to get approved for the surgery and in fact gaining weight.

There are already some pictures of Schenee’s progress. She has shared some updates on her Instagram page, though the most recent picture she had added was from the fall of 2017. But fans can keep an eye on the page to see if she can make progress that she did not find on the show.

There are a few outlets for fans to check if Schenee has made any progress since appearing on My 600-LB Life (and especially if she has any weight-loss pictures to share). After the episode airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, TLC will put pictures of her journey on the show’s official site and the site often adds new updates on how subjects make progress in the months after the show stops filming.