‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Becomes The Unlikely Keeper Of Secrets, Carly Wants To Find Her Tormentor

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub suggest that Ava (Maura West) will continue to snoop around and try to figure out what Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is up to. Nelle clearly has an ax to guide with Carly (Laura Wright), and in this week’s preview, she promised to liven up the game.

Memories And Questions

The truth is out, but Franco (Roger Howarth) has more questions than answers. In a bid to find out the hidden truth in his memories, Kevin will suggest they try hypnosis. There could be important things buried in his memories, and it seems he will make a big decision.

General Hospital spoilers suggest Liz and Jake will end up in harm’s way, and Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) seems to be involved. Whatever Franco’s memories reveal seems to have something to do with the evil plans Jim has in store for his loved ones.

This week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco will not be the only one obsessed with memories. Peter (Wes Ramsey) will also have his own problems to deal with. Griffin risked his medical license and oath by running a DNA test without Peter’s knowledge. By now, Faison’s missing child knows he hasn’t been too careful about keeping his identity secret.

Getting found out is not in Peter’s plans, and he had sensible answers to Griffin’s questions. Saving his life and Jason’s makes sense given the situation he was in. Of course, Griffin knowing who he is will change everything. Then there’s Ava, who has also been snooping around and would probably know all about what has been bothering Griffin.

Ava Comes Snooping

This week, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava wants in everyone’s affairs. Apparently, she is in possession of a wealth of information.

Whatever Peter’s intentions might be, he will find himself in need of answers that only Anna (Finola Hughes) can provide. Of course, Anna is also searching hard for the boy who could be her son. Jason knows that for Anna, the search for Henrik is personal, but this doesn’t mean that he would give up. He needs answers about all the years he missed and spent in a hospital facility away from the people he loved.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason will ask Anna what she has been up to now that she is in possession of some of Faison’s belongings. it’s possible that Jason will relent and agree to Anna’s rules in the search for Henrik.

Carly will try to look for the person who has been gaslighting her, and she will try to stay strong. General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Ava will become nosy about what Nelle has been up to, and it’s possible that she won’t be minding her own business.