Zachary Levi Looks To Help Fulfill A Wish For Batman Fan In Hospice Care By Tweeting Ben Affleck

When it comes to superheroes, most people have heard of Batman and Superman, but Shazam may not be nearly as familiar. However, Zachary Levi looks to change that as he steps into the role of the titular character for the upcoming Shazam! movie. In fact, Levi has joined the ranks of actors who play superheroes in the MCU and DCEU that also act as real-life heroes for terminally ill children.

According to ComicBook, on April 3, Zachary Levi took to Twitter in order to try and get Batman to make an appearance for a fan of the Caped Crusader who is currently in hospice care. The actor specifically reached out to Ben Affleck, who currently plays Batman in the DCEU, in an effort to make a dying boy’s wish come true.

In a tweet from Levi, the actor says that even though he does not have “an official Bat Signal,” he wanted to try and boost the request to have Batman make an appearance to meet a young boy who does not have much time left, while also including the original tweet which requested either a Batman costume or someone willing to play the superhero. Zachary Levi tagged both Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel while saying “this lil dude could really use some caped crusading right about now.”

The plea from Levi was a response to a tweet from someone looking to help an Atlanta Hospice in their search for a Batman in order to make a wish come true for a boy named Mukuta who has a cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma. In the tweet from a hospice worker, they explained that Mukuta does not have much time left, with the estimate being just days or weeks. The hospice was looking to bring some happiness to the young boy’s final days.

Although the Atlanta Hospice was not looking for Shazam to play the hero this time, Zachary Levi stepped up in order to try and garner the attention of the DCEU’s heavy hitter, Ben Affleck. While there is no word as to whether the actor was able to get the attention of Affleck, a followup from the original hospice worker who tweeted looking for a Batman has indicated that they were able to find a Caped Crusader to come pay Mukuta a visit. Whether Levi’s tweet helped to wrangle the hospice a Batman or not, it appears that there is a hero ready to step up and save the day.

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