’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Release Rumors: As Show’s Social Media Goes Silent, New Season May Be Coming Soon

Philip FaraoneGetty Images for Marie Claire

The release date for Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why remains a bit of a mystery, but amid growing interest from fans, there may be some hints from Netflix that the show is set to return within the first few weeks in April.

Going into the last weekend, there were viral rumors spreading around the internet that 13 Reasons Why was set for an unannounced release on March 31, the same day it was released last year. Even though Refinery 29 was one of the outlets to guess wrong on the March 31 release, the report still gave some important hints about when the show may actually be released.

The report noted that 13 Reasons Why appears to be gearing up for the release, with the show’s Instagram page going silent for more than a week, and cast members were especially vague in interviews about when the show might return. That seems to indicate that Netflix will actually go through with an unannounced release of 13 Reasons Why, and the release date could be very soon.

As the report noted, production for Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why wrapped up in December. While not every Netflix show is exactly the same, the streaming video service has generally premiered shows within a few months of production wrapping up. As Screen Crush noted, that was the case with Stranger Things 2, which started shooting in April of last year and was released in October.

There could be a small chance that a production delay threw a wrench in the 13 Reasons Why release date. As Deadline noted last year, the production was forced to shut down for a stretch as wildfires spread across Northern California. But that would likely not have pushed it back too much, if at all.

While the report from Refinery 29 was wrong in guessing that the 13 Reasons Why release date would be on March 31, it still noted that all signs are pointing toward a release very soon — and that could still be the case. There is still radio silence from the show on social media, and Netflix has not commented to dispel any of the rumors about its release. Whatever the case, interest in the show appears to be reaching a peak and fans are following the developments about the release very closely, so Netflix may have an opportunity to capitalize off the interest with a splashy release.