Wendy Williams Blasts Kendra Wilkinson Over Split From Hank Baskett, Says Kendra Misses The Spotlight

Wendy Williams has no problem taking people to task on her daytime talk show, and her latest target was none other than Kendra Wilkinson, who announced her split from husband Hank Baskett on Monday in a video posted to social media. After all of the attention given to Wilkinson because of her very public “meltdown,” Williams decided to address the situation, which led to her calling the reality star and her husband out on her talk show.

According to TooFab, Wendy Williams joked with her studio audience, “Kendra Wilkinson, yes she’s still with us.”

Williams continued by saying that the former Playboy bunny has “had her time” after spending all that time on Instagram talking about how her relationship with Hank Baskett was over after nine years of marriage. The talk show host said everything she said next was all about offering up some “tough love.”

As she continued talking about the situation, Wendy Williams said that “this smacks of Kendra missing the spotlight so desperately.” She made it clear that she does like Wilkinson, but much like other people, “I just forgot about Kendra.” The talk show host said that the other woman has already had her time when she was with Hugh Hefner years ago. In fact, Williams said she believes this is all about trying to get another season of Kendra on Top, because there is currently no word on whether the show will be returning for a seventh season.

Wendy Williams said she does not believe the video that Kendra Wilkinson posted to social media was about getting Hank Baskett back, but rather about finding a way to get her show renewed and keep her in the spotlight. In fact, the talk show host straight out said she believes Kendra is “probably enamored of the camera more so than she’s enamored of Hank.”

While Williams had plenty to say about Wilkinson, she also threw some of the blame toward Hank Baskett, pointing out that he has not “worked in ages and he’s a journeyman,” which means he has not had steady work in quite some time as he goes from team to team and bench to bench. Plus, she also reminded her audience about the man’s alleged affair, which most likely contributed to the couple’s split.

Overall, Wendy Williams had plenty to say about both Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, but she also pointed out that no one is really interested in seeing a reality show about what comes next for the couple. After asking the audience for their opinion on a series about the reality star moving on after her divorce, Williams said that “nobody cares, Kendra, good luck with your divorce, good luck with your new life and Hank, how you doin?”

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