'Overwatch' Uprising Returns In Archives Event With New Retribution Story And A Shimada Brother Skin

David Stonecipher

Next week, the Uprising mission will be back during the Archives event in Overwatch. The PvE mission on the King's Row map will be available alongside new content like skins, sprays, and more. Last year's items, like the Blackwatch skins for Genji and McCree, will be included in the Archives loot boxes, too.

The Archives event will begin on April 10 letting players relive Tracer's first mission. As teased on the game's official Twitter, another mission might be added to the event this year. The event's name is different this year allowing it to encompass more than just the Overwatch Uprising mission, after all.

In a new update video, developers state that more Archives event information will be revealed as the event's launch approaches. The game director closes out the video by mentioning the Retribution. This may be the new mission associated with the Archives event. There is even a new Retribution logo not unlike the Uprising logo.

In an archive post on the Overwatch website, an 8-year-old attack on the group's facility in Norway is addressed by Commander Jack Morrison. The character states that those that initiated the attack will be "brought to justice." It is possible that Overwatch players will be able experience that retaliation in a new Retribution mission.

The Archives event will definitely include the return of the Uprising mission and last year's cosmetic items. A new mission seems likely based on the information provided by Blizzard Entertainment, too. New cosmetic items like skins, sprays, voice lines, highlight introductions, and more will also be a part of the returning event. In the YouTube video below, developers mention that one of the new skins is for the favorite Shimada brother.

Between the two Shimada brothers, Genji received a new skin most recently during the Lunar New Year event last month. Genji already has an Archives skin from the Uprising mission, too. Considering those facts, a new Hanzo skin is likely part of the Archives event this year. More information on the event and a new video will be revealed in the Overwatch League broadcast on Wednesday.

All of the Archives content releases just weeks after the 27th hero was added to Overwatch. Players can try out Brigitte now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As the Inquisitr reported, Brigitte is a hybrid support hero equipped with a shield. Overwatch players can heal their allies and provide them with armor when playing Brigitte.