James Charles Calls Ariana Grande One Of The ‘Rudest Celebrities’ In New Video

The first ever male CoverGirl and makeup artist James Charles has no problem speaking his mind on social media. Whether he is embroiled in what he calls his personal “scandals” or making his thoughts known of popular movies or musicians, the makeup artist is willing to say how he feels no matter what happens. In a new video posted to YouTube, it seems that Charles has decided to share his thoughts on Ariana Grande, after the two apparently had a less-than-happy interaction on social media last year.

According to the Daily Mail, James Charles took part in a makeup video with two other YouTubers, in which he told the other men that one of the “rudest celebrities” he has ever come across has to be Grande, after a “crappy experience” he had interacting with her following a concert. Charles told his fellow makeup artists that everything happened after he went to see Ariana Grande in concert and posted a number of videos to his Instagram story. It seems that Grande saw the videos and sent him a private message letting him know that if she had known he was going to be there, she would have invited him backstage.

However, it seems that all of this was happening at the same time as James Charles was dealing with fall out from his ebola comment on Twitter, which he did apologize for. After messaging him, Ariana Grande apparently followed his Instagram account. The problem though was that many of the singer’s fans were upset about the videos, and even the idea of the two following each other on social media.

James Charles said that he received a number of tweets from fans of Grande who were upset that the singer would choose to follow him. Apparently Ariana Grande found out about all of the criticisms from her fans and decided to unfollow Charles. After she did that, many of those fans tweeted to him to let him know that she had gone ahead and unfollowed him. The makeup artist went to see if this was true and realized that Grande had in fact stopped following him on Instagram, just hours after she had initially followed him back.

Continuing to tell his story to his friends in the video, James Charles revealed that he sent a private massage to Ariana Grande to find out what happened, what he did wrong, and why she unfollowed him. He shared that she did respond to his message and said, “she saw a lot of angry tweets from her fans and that she would never want to ‘disappoint’ them.” This led him to send back what he described as a “strongly worded” message about allowing other people’s “bullying” of him to influence her decision. Charles said that he believes that by her unfollowing him because of the negative tweets of her fans, it sends the message that it is okay to bully others.

Although James Charles described Ariana Grande as being rude because of this particular interaction, he also said that he has no hard feelings, and he still believes that she is a very talented artist. However, after he posted the video in which he called out the incident, he also tweeted a message saying he was prepared for more backlash from fans of the singer.

Beyond his tweet about getting backlash for his thoughts on the singer, James Charles also tweeted a short statement telling the world that he has sent a private message to Ariana Grande apologizing for the video, but also offering an explanation of what he had to say and why he said it.

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