‘Spanky McBone Spurs’ — Twitter Adapts Trump’s New ‘President Spanky’ Nickname

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

President Donald Trump is famous for giving other people nicknames. On April 3, Trump turned to Twitter to tweet about “Little Jeff [sic] Zuker,” spelling Zucker’s last name incorrectly. Trump also dubbed former President Barack Obama “Cheatin’ Obama.” Now Twitter users have decided that Trump himself deserves a new nickname, after Stephen Colbert’s above video named “Trump Has A New Nickname In Washington” swelled to more than 2.3 million views. The video dubbed Trump “President Spanky,” giving Trump a taste of his own medicine, after inventing nicknames like “Lyin’ Ted” and “Sloppy Steve.”

As seen in the above video with a segment featuring Richard Ben-Veniste, a former Watergate special prosecutor, Richard noted that President Trump’s new nickname in Washington is “Spanky.” Whereas Richard said it wasn’t a good thing that Trump would be known as “Spanky,” Colbert quipped that he believed it was a very good thing, but joked that President Trump should be given the respect he’s due and called “President Spanky” instead.

As seen in a search for “Spanky” via Twitter, the social media network suggests several variations of the nickname that include “Spanky” as a basis. Whereas “Spanky” alone features an endless stream of tweets about President Trump, hashtags and labels like #SpankyThePresident, #presidentspanky, #SpankyTrump, Spanky McBone, and other spanking related words are also flowing into the social networking site.

As reported by the Hill, Colbert and others who began calling the president by “Spanky” nicknames are referencing adult film star Stormy Daniels’s 60 Minutes interview, where she claimed that she spanked Trump with a Forbes magazine that had his face on the cover.


Now Twitter has taken the attention that Colbert has brought to the video of Ben-Veniste claiming that “Spanky” is Trump’s new nickname being spread around Washington and is using it to create a wide variety of nicknames for Trump based around the Spanky themes.

“People are referring to him here in Washington by a new nickname. He’s famous for giving nicknames. He’s now known as ‘Spanky.'”

The bone spurs variation applies to Trump receiving five deferments from fighting in the Vietnam War, according to the New York Daily News, by citing college obligations and an alleged bone spurs condition.