Chris Hemsworth Grabs ‘Handful’ Of Wife’s Bikini-Clad Backside — Appears 7-Year Itch Skipped This Marriage

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, had a private romantic moment over the weekend on the beach, but it appears someone captured them on camera. The Hemsworth family hosted Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, at their home in Byran Bay, Australia. From the pictures emerging from this holiday weekend, both celebrity couples belong to that exclusive Hollywood club where the members are privy to the blueprints for a solid marriage.

The photos of Chris Hemsworth and his wife as they frolicked on the beach were posted online. The Hemsworth clan and the Damon brood were in Byron Bay for some family time. But when Chris and Elsa took advantage of a few moments alone on the beach alone, it looks as if there was someone with a camera lurking nearby.

Chris, 34, and Elsa, 41, looked as if they were climbing rocks at the beach when they stopped for a moment. The couple was captured in photos against the backdrop of the rocky shoreline. At one point during their time alone, they shared a kiss, and Chris “got ALL UP in his wife’s business when he got a handful of her a** during a family day at the beach,” which is how TMZ described the scene.

Chris and Elsa were married in 2010, so they’ve gotten past that dreaded seven-year itch time frame. Matt Damon, 46, and his wife Luciana Barroso, 41, married in 2005, so it looks as if these two married couples know a little bit about keeping the romance going within a marriage, despite living life as Hollywood stars.

Last year, Matt Damon and his wife were highlighted in the headlines when they were snapped in photos showing some PDA along the same beach in Byron Bay, according to the Daily Mail. They were at the same place in 2017 with the Hemsworth family over the holiday weekend.

Chris and Elsa own a mansion along the shoreline in Byron Bay, and it appears that both families enjoyed the beach during their holiday together. Pictures from their 2017 holiday are highlighted by a “rare display of PDA” by Matt and Luciana on that beach. Jump ahead a year and that beach seems to have the same effect on Chris and Elsa.

Chris was a bit more hands-on in his photo, as TMZ points out how his “Sunday bumdays rule with his wife.” They were referring to Chris grabbing a handful of his wife’s derriere, which was captured in one of the pictures and posted online. According to the Sun, the families enjoyed some time at the beach with their kids over the weekend. The adults were seen having a few beers and laughing it up on the sand. Chris and Elsa have three young children, just like the Damon family.

The two long-time married couples looked very much like celebrities who have just started out dating in the photos posted on Elsa’s Instagram account, suggests the latest reports. If you didn’t know who they were, it might be hard to guess that you were looking couples who have lived within the institution of marriage for years, as all four seem to have a honeymoon mode about them.

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