Is Jessica Dime Still Pregnant? ‘Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ Star Revealed News In Season 7, Episode 3

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Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Jessica Dime got engaged to NBA player Shawne Williams last year. In LHHATL Season 7, Episode 3, Jessica Dime revealed that she is pregnant, according to Hollywood Life. However, there have been no photos of Dime’s baby bump.

In the episode, it was revealed that Rod “Shooter” Gates’ son was murdered. LHHATL aired some footage of the funeral where it was revealed that Shooter’s son was 21-years-old when he was gunned down over an argument.

Shooter’s son died about seven months ago, which means that Jessica Dime should be heavily pregnant. However, Dime has not posted any photos on her Instagram, leaving fans speculating about her pregnancy.

Jessica’s last Instagram photo of herself is a throwback picture of hip-hop producer Zaytoven in January. All the subsequent Instagram updates are promos for her music.

A report published on writes that Jessica Dime is likely about halfway through her pregnancy.

Last year Jessica Dime revealed her interest in a wedding special on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. However, the rapper and former stripper admitted that it is out of her hands and fans should request it.

In the recent episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Jessica Dime took a pregnancy test with her fiancé Shawne Williams when she found out the good news. Dime decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from the other cast members until she passes the three-month mark.

While Williams is out of town playing basketball, Dime doesn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of her career and shoots a music video despite going through pregnancy sickness.

In other LHHATL news, Mimi decided to confront Stevie J about how he is treating his new artist Estelita. He admits that he brought Erica Mena in because he believes the competition will motivate her.

Stevie J also tells Mimi that he has Estelita on a similar contract that he gave Joseline Hernandez, which means he gets 30 percent of all her earnings.

Estelita decides to give Stevie J a chance with the hope of getting a single out of him. However, she is willing to find a way out of her contract if the business relationship doesn’t work out.

It is unclear whether Jessica Dime is still pregnant. There will likely be an update on her pregnancy in future episodes of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.