Matt Damon Falls Foul Of One Bird As He Gets Pooped On During Beach Outing With Chris Hemsworth

For anyone who follows Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, on social media, the fact that Matt Damon and his family have been spending time in Byron Bay should come as no surprise. The two couples have been enjoying all that the Byron Bay area has to offer, including Bluesfest, which took place over Easter weekend. With pictures and videos making their way on to Instagram, many followers and fans are already well aware of what Damon, Hemsworth, and their families have been doing for the last few days. However, while the weekend may have been about having fun and spending time with friends and family, for Damon, there was at least one moment that was perhaps less than pleasant.

According to TMZ, it seems that Matt Damon fell foul of one bird during a trip to the beach with Chris Hemsworth, and another one of their friends. A series of pictures from the media outlet show the Bourne Identity actor covered in bird poop. It seems that Damon was sitting beside Hemsworth on the beach when one particularly full bird decided to let his poop fly, hitting the actor’s shirt. Pictures actually show bird poop on Matt Damon’s back, as well as his shoulder area, towards the front of his t-shirt.

Although Damon may have been a victim of a pooping bird on the beach, he seemed to still be in good spirits, as he was seen smiling, even with the poop on his shirt. However, while he may not have been too upset by the fact that mother nature seemed to be playing an April Fool’s joke on him, as Canoe reported, Matt Damon ultimately cleaned up and changed not only his shirt but also his ball cap.

While Chris Hemsworth was apparently with Damon when the bird poop found its target, it seems that the Thor actor was spared from being pooped on. Following the bird poop incident, Matt Damon rejoined Hemsworth and their friend for a bit more time on the beach, which seemed to include kicking back and enjoying some beer.

Even with the pooping bird incident, the Easter weekend seemed to have been a good one for Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth. Not only did the two friends get to spend time together, but they also enjoyed time with their families, which included Easter breakfast and music at the Bluesfest.

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